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Online Cricket Betting Tips: Major Things To Keep in Mind

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Sports is synonymous to cricket in India. Cricket is widely loved and followed by Indian masses, and the widespread craze for the game makes it likeable for betting. High voltage matches attract massive amounts that are placed onto bet. A Pakistan vs India match not only attracts shooting TRP's, but it also engages exceptional bouts of online cricket betting.

Online betting originated in the year 1996 with the introduction of Intertops. It was the world's first modern gambling site. Soon new sections of the same genre launched, and the world of online betting saw no halt.

Betting or any gambling is illegal in India, but there's no particular law for online betting. This makes it accessible, more comfortable and safer for interested participants to place their bets and earn profits. However, online cricket betting is solely based on game statistics and experience. Significant factors such as player line-up, pitch conditions, background checks, nature of the tournament or match being played, etc. play a vital role in the analysis of the most profitable bet.

It is essential to learn and master the skill of betting. As mentioned earlier, one needs to have comprehensive knowledge of the nature of betting and the rules of the game. Edging the know-how of online cricket betting is a slow and sluggish task. It requires intricate and exhaustive examination and monitoring. Below listed are some significant factors to keep in mind that will help you become a pro at online cricket betting:


You need to be thorough with the nature of the game and the rules it follows. Cricket has rolled out different rules for the various formats it supports. An amateur bookie is bound to lose money if he/she bets without gaining proper knowledge of the odds of the game. Therefore, a meticulous examination of the game and its rules is to be done before betting real money. For instance, the IPL format has a different set of rules than a One- Day International. Not working on the analysis of the nature of bets for various forms exclusively can lead to a mix-up, resulting in recurrent losses.


Scores and wickets are loosely based on the conditions in which the game is being played. A player might perform well under pressure at one time, while he might lose his calm the very next moment and get run out. Contrastingly, players like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma perform outstandingly under pressure, without losing their composure.

The bookie needs to do his/her homework and a background check of all the players in the line-up of either team. This step is fruitful at basic levels of betting.

It is impossible to learn the details in one go, but with time, you'll have a clear understanding of the game and players, making it easier and foolproof for your online cricket betting bouts.


Online betting is considered to be safe and hassle-free; however, the bookie needs to invest his/her money wisely. An amateur should always start by placing minor bets to reduce the risk of losing vast amounts due to under or over evaluation. This process is slow, but it ensures zero loss plus a considerable amount of expertise and confidence.

Once you spend enough time practising and honing your online cricket betting skills, you're ready to invest freely and boost up your income. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Your patience will result in massive profits and ensure minimal losses. Betting is a game of luck and statistical analysis. Success resides in your destiny, but the statistical analysis is in your court. Play the shot with caution!


This article has talked about the importance of practice and sharpening your betting skills since the start. Yes, it is the most crucial and rewarding step of the whole betting-procedure. As dull as it may sound, it holds significance. The process seems tedious and boring, but the rewards it brings forward are prodigious. Fellow bookies need to keep this one step in their mind, for a long run in the betting market.

In conclusion, the chief factor to be a successful bookie is to be observant and soak up all the information you get about cricket and its components. It is highly beneficial to take your time and increase your knowledge about the sport to gain better chances of winning the bets and earning profits.

Lastly, to win or lose is based on pure luck, but with a slight intervention of your rational brain, you can increase your chances of winning. Remember, learn-observe-practice-bet.

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