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Online Document Verification- Automated Solution To Prevent Identity Fraud


The id document verification process is used for ages which tends to prove the existence of the entity. The framework of online identity management has become more potent. Due to its flexibility, it can easily be established and can manage digital identities more efficiently. But with the presence of a loophole, it’s a critical situation to identify the authenticity of the online identity documents and protect the customers’ data confidentiality. Digitalization is affecting online business because the fraudster is exploiting the system and making online business victims. Therefore online document verification is a helping hand for businesses and cooperates to authenticate the identities of the customers.

Significance Of Online Document Verification 

The technology has enabled online businesses to verify the customers’ identity documents digitally. The online business is embedding AI-based technology into their online platforms to authenticate the customers’ documents. These AI-enhanced solutions are well capable of eliminating the risk of using forged documents.


The documents are thoroughly verified and go through various authenticating checks which include special ink authentication, holographic imprints, template of the document, and other minor characteristics which the original government-issued documents contain. Online id documents verification services are quite impressive in authenticating documents, providing the results with high accuracy without affecting the customer experience. Today, online document verification solutions are the best choice for online businesses to eliminate the risk of fraud.


Workflow Of Online Document Verification Services

Whenever the new customers tend to get onboard to the online business or wish to get registered they have to upload the set of government-issued identity documents (passport, Id cards, driving license,) as proof of their identity. Online document authentication services with the help of OCR technology extract all the viable information from the documents (name, date of birth, security numbers, etc.) through which the customer has provided the personal information that could be cross-checked. The identity documents have unique characteristic imprints which can not be copied such as holographic patterns, special ink, fonts, and numerous minor characteristics. 

Types of Illicit Documents:

  • Illegal Documents 

These documents are referred to the fake documents which the fraudster tend to make a copy of the original document which are close to the original but lack multiple minor characters as imprinted in the original documents

  • Fallacious Documents

Such documents are defined as the original document but they are someone else, the fraudster abducts the identity of another person to get into the system to exploit it

  • Altered Documents

Such documents are original but the fraudsters make various modifications to breach the system 


Eliminating freelance fraud with help of online document verification

Freelance is a massive industry and growing to the next level. The freelance platform involves a large number of transactions and acts as the middleman through which the buyer and the seller interact. The freelance industry is under the intense pressure of frauds and scams by which many of the customers are backing off, not ready to do transactions. The fear of getting scammed among the customers is negatively affecting the freelance industry. The fraudster is well aware that such sites don’t have an effective way of verifying the customers with free information checks anyone can become part of the platform.


To stop such happening the online document verification services are of great interest for freelance platforms. Such platforms are obliged to integrate the document verification solution into their registration form through APIs which will authenticate the customers’ provided information with the identity document scanned copies or photos they upload. Identity document verification leaves no room for the fraudster to get access to accounts with the theft identities.

The Potency Of The Online Document Verification

  • The online document verification is well equipped to differentiate between the legal government-issued identity documents and the fake documents which are intensely made to manipulate the system.

  • Digital document checks are many steps ahead of the manual document verification process while minimizing the time cost and providing the results with maximum accuracy. 

  • This allows the online business to onboard the legitimate customer while verifying their identities and validation with the help of documents. 

Almost every business is now integrating online document verification services into digital platforms for seamless customer onboarding.

Final Thoughts 


The online document verification solution is quite promising and is considered the most effective way to put online identity thefts. By enabling the AI-based digital document verification the business and the organization can onboard legitimate customers while filtering out illegitimate customers.


Daniel Zayas
Daniel Zayas
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