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Online Tutoring For Pupils and Students

StudyMind online tutoring is used by pupils (elementary school & high school) from all grades and students from all departments. Therefore, online tutoring for elementary school supports parents who are forced to homeschool due to the absence of lessons. It is extremely important to us that elementary school children also have fun and enjoy learning. After all, anyone who has difficulties in class is quickly frustrated or bored. As a result, we help children so that they can keep up with the lessons in elementary school.

Studymind offers online tutoring for  high school, students by our experienced and pedagogically versed experts and tutors; visit site for online tutors We prepare children for tests, work, rehearsals and learning controls and take away their fear of exams. We also accompany students with their homework as part of our homework supervision or accompany the lesson content. In this way, students can follow the lessons at the primary school again and gain self-confidence.

Advantages of online tutoring

        Geared towards the child's individual learning needs

        Better deepening of the school's learning content

        Consideration of the speed and capacity of the children

        Individual promotion of the child's talents

        Reinforcement of one's own abilities

Online German tutoring for elementary school

In our online tutoring for elementary school, we also offer English tutoring in addition to other core subjects. Our didactic concepts help you confidently master the first hurdles in learning English written language. For elementary school pupils, getting to know and practicing the letters, the first rules of grammar and correct spelling is a challenge. Especially if the basics are not laid well, this can negatively affect the school career of students.

We help our primary school students to lay a good foundation in English. The transition to high school and later to studies or vocational training is only possible if the foundation is right here. By mastering a good written language, students can also achieve success in other school subjects.

Best quality of tutoring through innovative concepts

For our online tuition in primary school, we only employ tutors who are able to teach comprehensively, with imagination and in an understandable way. We offer our homeschooling in individual lessons or in group lessons. The tutor specifically addresses the students' problems or questions or, if necessary, dedicates himself to just one student in individual lessons. In this way, we can respond to any situation and optimally cover the needs of the primary school students.

Online math tutoring for elementary school students

As part of our online tutoring for elementary school, we also offer math tuitions. Parents know that mastering the multiplication tables and numbers, the basic arithmetic operations, word problems, etc., are absolutely necessary. Later in high school more complex facts can be built up on this basis. So that math does not become an anxiety subject in elementary school, parents should check carefully whether learning the basics is also working for their children.

Targeted support in individual or group lessons

We also offer our online tutoring for elementary school in this subject as individual lessons or in groups. While group lessons benefit from the shared motivation to learn and the feeling that other children also have difficulties in this area, individual online tutoring is perfect for targeting a student. In this way, the tutor can focus his full attention on the individual learning problems of the student and pick him. Our tutors have many years of educational experience, which ensures a protected learning environment and enables them to respond to the students with understanding.

Online English tutoring for elementary school

Our online tutoring for elementary school naturally also covers English tutoring for elementary school. Depending on the federal state, English lessons for elementary school students start in the first grade, the second grade or even in the third grade. Nevertheless, it can become a burden for some elementary school children. However, so that children do not lose their fun and curiosity about the foreign language, it makes sense to support them if they are having a hard time learning the language.

However, our online tuition is also used by primary school children who are only confronted with this subject later. Many parents think it is right to present their child with a first foreign language before the start of school. Most children are extremely eager to discover a new language and the cultures that lie behind it. We also offer our online tuitions for elementary school. By the way, only native speakers with pedagogical experience teach with us.

Online tutoring for the transition to high school

Our online tutoring for elementary school also provides for step-by-step preparation for secondary school. In the course of this, in addition to the written processing of increasingly complex tasks, we also address any knowledge gaps. The relevant school material is discussed again, deepened and expanded. Thanks to our pedagogical concepts, the students feel better prepared and can go towards high school and much further with a good feeling.

Individual, tailored care for your child

We offer our online tutoring to prepare for secondary school as individual lessons or as group lessons. The offer should be individually tailored to the needs of the student. One-to-one tuition is particularly suitable when a large amount of material has to be mastered and the student needs one on one supervision. In group lessons, on the other hand, the community often has a positive influence on the motivation of the students. All tutors have a solid education and have many years of experience in online tutoring for elementary school students.

Does homeschooling promote sustainable learning online?

Yes, homeschooling attaches great importance to the fact that all learning content is taught in depth. So it is by no means to be understood as a short-term alternative to school learning, but as a permanent concept for more effective learning. Our teachers use their tried and tested methods to ensure that knowledge is anchored in the long term and can be reactivated at any time.

Is it necessary for my child to bring the technical repertoire for homeschooling online?

No, the relevant teacher provides the technical instruments for digital learning and sets them up for use. Your child should only have a technical device, such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone, with an internet connection.

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