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Online Versus Offline Chinese Learning: Which Is A Better Choice?

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You can benefit from learning the Chinese language no matter what your age may be. For students and younger children, learning how to speak, write and understand written and spoken words enable them to develop motor skills, improve thinking skills and boost creativity. For professionals, it helps boost your confidence, enhance your memory, learning skills and ability to communicate in a language used by one out of six people in the world.

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For the older population, learning a new lingo as beautiful and as widely used as the Chinese language allows them to keep their mind sharp and appreciate the culture, literature, and diversity of the Chinese. These are but a few reasons to enjoy learning the Chinese language. But the question is, would it be better for you to learn the language offline, or is best to enroll in one of the many Online Chinese Learning Programs? Studying online and offline both has its pros and cons.

Pros of learning Chinese offline/in-person

The physical interaction you get from learning the language in-person allows you to build a good relationship and communicate effectively without any disruptions. For instance, you get to ask and answer questions knowing your tutor can respond in real time and in-person. There is no lag, static, interruptions or delays caused by internet and computer or gadget problems.

You also get to see each verbal and non-verbal cues. You get to listen to the sound and intonation clearly, and the lesson can be personalized and customized as needed. Your teacher is a qualified professional, you get to learn during specified hours and days of the week, and they will teach you the language based on your proficiency level.

Pros of learning Chinese online

Learning the Chinese language online has many perks. For one, you get to communicate with people all over the world without leaving the comforts of your home. There are also Student Information System portals that are essential when learning online. It is a user-friendly open source student information system and both students and parents have access to the student information like a class schedule, attendance, grade logs and there’s also a user-friendly messaging feature. This opens up your world to a number of varied conversations. Also, it is usually a lot cheaper to learn a new language online than by hiring a tutor to teach you in-person.

You also get a qualified professional to teach you the Chinese language on a pre-set schedule, and the levels of teaching will depend on your proficiency level. You can also look up meanings and definitions if you need help in your lessons, and you can choose your learning hours, and a tutor can accommodate you whenever and as needed. You even can ask for a new schedule if you fail to attend your online classes.

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Comparing the cons of learning Chinese online and offline

Learning offline allows your teachers, to evaluate your success in learning Chinese effectively. When you use technology, some things can go wrong. When you lose connection or your computer breaks, your lessons can get interrupted.

However, online Chinese tutors are also able to deliver exceptional results even if they and their students are miles and time zones apart. In-person learning can't compare to Online Chinese Learning in terms of convenience and flexibility.


Learning Chinese online and offline has its perks and disadvantages. What works for you may not work well with others. It all boils down to a number of factors like your budget, availability and learning style. Whichever you choose, you get to learn the language and enjoy all the benefits that come with learning Chinese.

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