Opportunity To Order Custom Cigarette Boxes Of Any Desired Size


In the tobacco industry, success can only come about by ensuring good quality and appealing packaging. Nowadays bringing cigarettes or cigar boxes is not regarded as a bad habit or addiction. Each box has a unique design to highlight the individuality of the owner

There is a desire for brands to advertise their goods very simply and explicitly. The front design shall improve the saleability of your company. Besides, you get free designing right from the company; this is a significant plus factor. Our engineers will always turn your draught correctly and efficiently. You should not ever miss out on any opportunity to order custom cigarette boxes of any desired size.

The intent of Cigarette Boxes

We must aim to offer the best quality goods and services to our customers. Custom cigarette boxes are difficult to be personalized in any way. One of the main reasons for using these plastic boxes for food is that there are no legal limits put on what products ought to be placed on the table. Cigarettes are often made of wood and are extremely durable. Customer satisfaction and loyalty can be improved by offering gifts to the clients. All garments that are manufactured by the company are of a higher quality.

Benefits of customized cigarette boxes.

Only an effective brand will stand out and be noticed among competitors' products. From the perspective of marketing, custom cigarette packaging truly adds a lot of value to a cigarette brand. There are various benefits to designers and manufacturers of custom cigarette boxes. Marketing and advertising are the best avenues to grab customers’ attention.

We can make them very cheap and affordable for everyone. If you have one or more of these, your sales will definitely increase. It's vital to include relevant details on the box. These include the name, logo, and website information. These little details will set you apart from your competitors.
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When your cigarette brand is launched with our custom cigarette boxes, this will certainly change the mind of buyers.

When it comes to the protection or safety of sensitive or very fragile items, custom-designed packaging provides the maximum level of security. Cigarette inserts are reusable and usable at all times. Catchy boxes will grab people's attention and encourage them to buy the product in large quantities. This will boost sales and revenue for your brand

How Do We Make Cigarette Boxes at Home?

Well-designed packaging plays an important role in tobacco brand recognition. There is an abundance of wood types and other species available for creating cigarette boxes.

We want to change the box design to attract customers. You have various design options as well as the option to customize the design. Use the schemes of your choice. From its size to the quality of printing. The way of production involves different stages that measure with quality check each stage

Custom Cigarette Boxes Material

Cigarettes made using custom manufactured boxes are able to hold more cigarettes. PCB offers different materials in different types of boxes and offers them at affordable prices.

Kraft paper is durable, strong, and is environmentally friendly. These boxes are perfect for keeping any items of value safe and secure.

Corrugated boards are strong, inexpensive, and lightweight.

Cardboard is an especially durable building material since it is extremely durable and difficult to break. If your cardboard boxes have appealing and eye-catching designs, your customers will end up buying from you.

Rigid materials are typically preferred over another type because of their flexibility, the fact that they can be changed to suit a number of different items, and their sturdiness. These are relatively cheap, and they provide customers with all they need to smoke a whole cigarette.

The dimensions of Cigarette Packs.

At PCB there is no size limit for your box except the ones you don't remember. Custom Cigarette Box Cards are typically manufactured with size, 300gsm, 400gsm, and often double-sided. The size of a cigarette packet or a cigarette pack refers to the size of the cigarette.

Due to the nature of the materials we use, our customers can shape their custom cigarette boxes to any shape that fulfills the needs of the products. We have bags and shopping bags to make it easier for smokers. You just have to take these boxes with you to have a nice time. We have room to change the lighter with the cabinet if you need extra space. Simply inform us of the specifications and our agents will process the job immediately.

Cigarette Package Templates

If you wish to create a uniquely crafted cigarette box with flip-top or auto bottom flaps, you have to pick the prototype. It's suggested to pick a box corresponding to the size of the template. We will make a copy of that template on that document and copy the strong and dotted lines within the template. Strong lines represent the cuts and dotted lines represent the folds. These models are two-dimensional versions of the cigarette packaging.

Cigar box printing.

We have powerful yet innovative devices that turn your dreams into boxes. Your box will be specially tailored. When you custom-print your packaging boxes professionally, you'll love it!

This type of machine is created to generate a lot of boxes quickly. The 3D projection will ameliorate your box.

Digitization as a printed image into a surface box of cards is popular. How about a 3D visualization of a box? It has become possible now to build each side with appealing aesthetics


We must aim to offer the best quality goods and services to our customers. We would never tolerate anything less than well–packed product from us. We provide leather decals to improve the look of your material.

These coatings can be given varied textures including matte, gloss, aqueous coatings, UV coatings, metal foil, and aluminum foil. This will save all the images you get from the film. There is a foam pattern to keep the ends of your tubes from chafing and wear. Add glamorous gold and silver foil decorations to your beautifully decorated cigarette boxes.


The prices vary with the scale, shape, design, and types of materials used in the cigarette boxes. We set competitive rates with respect to customers' willingness to pay. The price in the US to $0.10 to $0.50. Moreover, we deliver bulk order deals and free delivery to the USA and Canada. We offer very competitive rates for deliveries to other countries. There are additional terms and conditions for express deliveries.

Choose CS.

Now the taste and aroma of tobacco will live in our premium packaging. We have committed to ensuring the highest quality of our boxes. PCB provides shipping facilities through a large and prompt customer fulfillment network.

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Your cigarettes now become a focal point for people. Thank you so much. Still remain consistent. By subscribing to us, you can avail of cheap pricing and increased range. We are able to give you a kit so that you can match your special cigarette boxes. Our strategic designers will ensure the process goes smoothly and provides the best performance.