Opt for a Subway Tile Backsplash for Your Next Kitchen Improvement Project


Subway Tiles are the most classic tiles used in homes, mostly in kitchen and bathrooms due to their popularity. When I look at a subway tiled room, I think immediately of minimalism, modernity, sleek lines and an overall classy aesthetic. There is a fine line between subway tiles looking boring and drab and looking fabulous and that all depends on the accompaniments like decor, lighting and colour palette which must all come together to make a well-balanced aesthetic. A subway tile backsplash for a kitchen is a classic interior design choice, but it's definitely possible to customize and execute it all on your own!

  • Classic Subway Tile Backsplash

The most common subway tile backsplash is the pristine white one. It is the perfect canvas to accentuate the decor, cabinets and appliances in the kitchen. White backsplash frames the room perfectly and makes the kitchen look neat and tidy. White tiles also exude classiness, and when arranged and grouted perfectly can give the kitchen a delicate and pristine complexion.

  • Pop of Colour

The best part about subway tiles is that they come in so many different colours. A coloured subway tile backsplash would be perfect with neutral or light tones cabinets since the backsplash will be a focal point of the kitchen. I think using cool coloured tiles like blues and greens with white and grey while warm coloured tiles in orange, red, yellow would go with natural wooden cabinets, peach, brown and white shades.

This is not to say that the opposite colour palettes won’t work, but these combinations would be the best to keep a consistent aesthetic.

Source: Pinterest                                                   Source: Belk Tiles

  • Colour Mixing

Using 2 or more different coloured tiles for the backsplash in a repetitive pattern keeps the eye busy through all the variation. Since subway tiles specifically come in so many different colours all in the same size, it's the best and easiest way to liven up the room. 

Source: Pinterest

  • Shaded

I also think the look of using different shades of the same colour in either a gradient, irregular or pattern would be a really interesting backsplash design. Using different hues also keeps the wall interesting.

  • Textures and Coats

Subway Tiles come with different materials like ceramic, natural stone, metal, glass, gloss. All these come in different colours as well, so choosing the perfect colour with the perfect texture is paramount to having a holistic kitchen design. Metallic and glass subway tile backsplash provides a modern and industrial look.

  • Patterns

Since subway tiles come in the same size, they can be arranged in so many different ways as opposed to the traditional horizontal. Vertically, diagonally, herringbone, stacked, crosshatch is just some of the ways they can be placed. 

I think the herringbone patterns, although commonly used, in a backsplash have the ability to draw the eye in the direction of placement. 

Source: Pinterest

A subway tile backsplash is such a great way to spruce up your kitchen. Choosing the right colour and type is very important and one must make sure their choice really blends in with the rest of the house. 

Now that I have provided all the nuances behind the choice and design variations, you can take this project into your own hands and get started!