Optimize Customer Journey with Personalized Messages by Linda Peltz & Rob Lippert


Optimize customer journey might be the area that your business should look at the current real estate market. Research has been done and most of them proves that it’s more time consuming and expensive for companies to find new clients rather than keeping the ones to return for their product and service.

Advertising might be a way to go, but it took more skills and research to be able trigger the right audiences in realty fresno. Some may take long period of uncertainty. That is where retargeting and reach out to previous customer is important to sustain the customer relationship.

Through optimize customer journey, business and realtor fresno ca are able to communicate and bring value to their most loyal customers. This can be done with personalized approach like sending custom gifts, digging customers interest and daily communication.

Talking about custom gifts, there are lots of businesses and companies who offer custom gifts and deliver them to front of your door. It’s a great idea and efficient solution for realtor fresno ca to get away with customer journey stages during this dynamic market. Barnes & Noble Inc is amongst the company which shifts their business model to personalized and custom gifts.

Meet Rob Lippert, he is the business development manager of Barnes & Noble Inc in central valley. Rob and his team are able to act as local partner to support goals and branding through optimize customer journey by implementing personalized service, especially custom gift for memorable gifts.


Recently Linda Peltz held a brief discussion with Rob Lippert. They were talking about why business or realtor fresno ca should consider customer journey stages approach, and what are the benefits of implementing CRM by personalized approach. Tune in to video below to find more!

What Does Barnes & Noble Inc Offers?

Barnes & Noble Inc is one of the Fortune 1000 company that focuses on bookselling market. The company itself has the largest retail outlets in United States and have sold millions of books worldwide. Even Though, Rob Lippert as business development manager is connected to all co workers across the country to help identify books that match every customers interest and demands.

Currently the company has a disct program for business or realtor fresno ca in central valley. Its not an ordinary discount, it also covers wide ranges of support for finding different products and books that suit optimize customer journey campaigns. Discount started at 20% and range up to 35% depending on order volume. 

Further, Rob Lippert stated that Barnes & Noble are available to consult with businesses and realtor fresno ca who need insight to maintain customer relationship, also help them find solution to various situation.

For instance, They can make a custom gift featuring a real estate agent logo, and its flexible to send out directly to previous clients they have worked with. That way realtor fresno ca will have great customer relationship in the future. The custom gift varied from anything of books, games, food & beverage, media, music, etc.

Benefit for Real Estate Agent

With this personalized approach to maintain customer relationship, customers won't dare to comeback and request another one or even recommend your service to their closed ones. - Rob Lippert guarantees that this custom gift will suit any type of business and market especially for realtor fresno ca.

Other benefit for fresno realtor is that he is able to identify general interests and titles that will go into real estate. For instance books within; home decoration, new home adaptation and hometown guide. So it will be a two side effect on helping their clients with housing needs and manifesting the relationship value within the realtor fresno ca clients.

The company also partnered up with publishing house, Sterling. So that they can make custom printed books for a gift. This book will printed specifically for group, can have your logo in it, custom message, etc

Finding which ever to go a deeper discount on so that individual and groups can get a discount for a bulk of order. 

Align with that, Linda Peltz believe that this customer journey stages approach will be a good investment in future. Real estate agent can identify active leads for their business and spread the word out through personalized messages.

Real estate agent need take time to listen to whats their customer up to. Remembering all information about them and their interest will show that you as fresno realtor are actually care and listen about them.

Communication is a vital part in optimize customer journey and relationship, no matter the business industry they are. If any fresno realtor can maintain customer relationship and ethical business practice, they are well on their way to have a marketing strategy that works for them.

Now that we know this strategy is important, every business should consider and further implement this method directly. Rob Lippert and Linda Peltz are happy to hear a word from you audiences, they also offers special program for every small business, agents and homeowners out there. Reach out to the details below to get a free quote!

Rob Lippert 

Business Development Manager - Barnes & Noble Inc

(516) 479-7167

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Realtor Linda Peltz - eXp Realty

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