Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Optimize Your Landing Page Performance Using Heatmaps

Let’s be honest. It’s hard and time-consuming to optimize your landing page before. But it has never been easier today as there are many tools you can take advantage of. 

Google Analytics is one of the most popular platforms you can incorporate into your business operations and transactions. 

But similar to other tools over the internet, Google Analytics has some drawbacks you need to know. When not used properly, the risks of missing real clicks or users’ behavior are higher than you have ever expected. 

Apart from Google Analytics, other tools are used for tracking client conversions, behavior, and even the performance of your landing page. But understanding and examining the data might be a headache, especially for beginners.

Worry no more! Heatmap is an excellent and feature-packed alternative you should try. But how to use Heatmap to take the performance of your landing page to the next level? How do you maximize its use? 

Good questions and you have come to the right place! In this comprehensive guide, you will know them all! Are you ready? Let’s start! 

  1. Remove External Links 

While there are many factors to weigh in mind, it is always ideal for losing your external links, especially when running an ecommerce store and developing landing pages. 

What does it mean, really? Well, you have to be sure your target market takes action according to your expectations and goals. 

Whether you want to increase signups or downloads, make sure all possible clients do what you prefer. 

If you have been using Google Analytics and are quite disappointed with its functionality, Heatmaps got your back. 

When used properly, Heatmap shows what possible customers are looking at and where their attention is. 

You will also know if you’re doing something wrong along the process. This includes the details you have done perfectly. 

What else? You will also obtain data about what your target clients check out in real-time. 

Removing external links in your ecommerce store provides many possibilities. It will not only lead to a smoother shopping experience but also make your platform easy to navigate. This increases client conversion, great web traffic, a high ROI, and a pool of repeat customers at the end of the day. 

At first, you might find removing external links complicated. Ask experts for some professional assistance. 

  1. Study What Your Audience Wants

You have established your ecommerce store. You have developed products and services. What’s next? Your job does not stop! It is important to know what your target market wants. 

Heatmap has been the trusted option for startups and even well-established companies in different corners of the world. 

Once added to your landing page, you can obtain accurate information and provide services that resonate with your customers’ pain points and needs. 

What are your clients looking for? What do your products lack? How to develop what you offer? Heatmaps can answer all your questions with accuracy. 

Recent studies show that clients are always enticed to click on the “read more” button rather than the “actual download” button. 

While the former can increase traffic and internet presence, don’t underestimate the power of the latter. 

In fact, research indicates that combining these two features are more advantageous than you have imagined. 

Aside from the opportunity to understand why your target audience needs more information, a combination of these buttons is a proven way to double download and turn some of your goals into a reality after some time. All of your efforts will pay off indeed. 

  1. The Real Fold 

When improving your landing pages with Heatmaps, you might encounter a lot of unfamiliar words. 

Above the Fold is a common example. What does it mean? How does it work? Well, the term refers to the part of the screen your target audience sees when they first access your landing page. 

To maximize the benefit of Above the Fold, it is critical to place all CTA buttons and messaging on the same page. This helps possible prospects navigate your landing page like a pro. 

For the past few years, a variety of screen resolutions is available in a great number. While it can be an advantage, it might lead to a wide array of above the fold locations. Over time, guessing the location of the fold might be time-consuming. It can also relatively affect the landing page’ performance. 

To avoid unnecessary efforts, clicktale’s scroll map is worth your attention. Proven and effective, it can help you point out the actual average fold. What else? It enables you to determine the number of prospects who see your CTA and other important buttons on your landing page. 

You can also use other tools in today’s market. But don’t forget to read customer reviews to make decisions with confidence. 

  1. Identify What People Click On

As a business owner, you have to meet new investors, supervise employees, and handle customer’s questions every day. 

Although you have a busy schedule, it is crucial to know what your potential prospects are clicking on. 

The click map can be a lifesaver. What makes it different from the rest?  

Developed with the client’s convenience in mind, the click map helps you understand the user’s interest. It also allows you to figure out what confuses them.

Many business owners place their logo in a dominant place on their page. Don’t do the same thing as it might be distracting. 

The trick here is to place it at the right spot of the page to avoid any confusion. Make your landing page user-friendly and suitable for those who are less tech-savvy. 

Of course, not all business owners can get it done on their own. Good news! There are experienced professionals you can hire. Although the services require extra costs, you can enjoy and provide an excellent landing page. 

Bottom Line 

Heatmaps are indeed a good investment you can ever have. They do not only avoid any guesswork but also enable you to analyze data. 

What else? Heatmaps can help you examine a user's behavior, enabling you to establish an effective conversion optimization strategy. 

So, what’s your thought? Take advantage of Heatmaps to have a landing page that opens more successful opportunities in the future. 

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