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Optometrist - An Alternative to Eye Doctor

An optometrist is a health care expert who possesses knowledge to examine or check the eyes for identifying any vision defects, any kind of ocular abnormality or any injury to eye. They were also termed as optician in the earlier time. They are trained in such a way so that they can detect any kind of abnormality like injury, poor visibility or infection of the eyes.

After checking the eyes of the patients, they recommend further check-ups like blood test and sugar level tests. Through this they make a proper health record and suggest them for spectacles or lenses and if required they may refer for further eye treatment. Sometimes the trouble we are having with our eyes is an indication of a much bigger problem with some other body part.

Career Opportunity in Optometry:

An optometrist gets good satisfaction in terms of job and different career options one gets while pursuing career in optometry. Below are opportunities offered to students who are pursuing optometry:

  1. One can go for research in ocular field and discover new methods of diagnosis and treatments for eyes related diseases.
  2. Participate in interdisciplinary treatment with different health care services to provide treatment to patients from different angles.
  3. Some of them go for teaching those who opt for careers in optometry.
  4. Practice opportunity is spread across all cities, towns, countryside whether urban or rural.

Various Modes of Practicing Optometry:

Optometry is not limited to practicing as an individual or under group of hospitals but there are also other modes for practicing available:

  1. Community Health care facility or a hospital.
  2. Retail or corporate house who are in the profession of providing services related to ophthalmologist.
  3. Research institute for discovering and exploring alternate modes of treatment.
  4. Military or army units for serving the country by treating soldiers or as an in -house service provider.
  5. Academic institutions as a mentor or professor.

Qualification of an optometrist:

In order to achieve the degree for optometrist they have to spend three years studying in the university and have to take part in the training assigned for the clinical practice. This step is very important in order to get proper idea and skills which are required to get registered. Once they are registered, they are free to acquire knowledge for the field of their interest in a particular area or subject.

Selecting a good Optometrist

Optometrist has to get them registered with the regulatory body of their professions of the country.

How Does an Optometrist Differ from Ophthalmologist?

An optometrist examines and checks both your eyes and other health issues and recommends contact lens & glasses for vision correction, however they cannot perform eye surgery and the same can be done by an ophthalmologist. He is a medical doctor who is a specialist in eye treatment and given degree from medical council of the country. We can say that optometrist is a doctor in optometry (often termed as O.D.) while an ophthalmologist is doctor in medicine (often termed as M.D.)

Optometrist and Ophthalmologist Similarities

They both can recommend certain treatment & medications with respect to eye health. They both check eyes and recommend glasses or contact lenses in case any vision needs to be corrected. Primary health care support can be provided by both. Basic eye medications can also be suggested by both.

Thus, we can conclude that optometrist plays vital role in eye health care industry. You will have to book your appointment prior to the visit. Ask the specialist to clear all your doubt when you visit them.

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