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Order Silver Bracelets Wholesale

If you’re a savvy jewelry retailer, you probably stocked up on your supply of wholesale silver bracelets before the recently concluded Valentine’s Day holiday. If you were both savvy and lucky, you perhaps offered a sale on this stock, and you showed a rise in your profits for the month of February.

Wholesale silver bracelets tend to do well at some of the most romantic times of the year. A gift of a silver bracelet indicates a certain intimacy that says you care about the person but don't want to offer a gift they might feel is too expensive to accept. Silver bracelets are the perfect gift to give when a couple is fond of each other, but still exploring their feelings for each other as well.

Keep Your Eye on the Calendar

If you’re a retailer, you should keep your eye on the calendar to ensure that you’re fully stocked up on wholesale silver bracelets at certain times of the year. Valentine’s day is fairly obvious as a popular time for romantic gifts, but silver bracelets don’t have to be thought of just as tokens of romance.

You should use your imagination to put gift ideas in your customer's minds that make use of both the quality of a gift of a silver bracelet and the usefulness.

Stocking up on silver bracelets at Christmas time makes perfect sense. Silver bracelets make good parents-to-daughter gifts and stocking-stuffers. But other than Christmas and Valentine’s day, you may be stumped for ideas to move more of your wholesale silver bracelet stock.

How about the month of June? June is the month for weddings. And it’s a tradition for the bride to give a gift to every woman in her wedding party. Silver bracelets make the perfect gift from a bride to a member of her wedding party.

If you offer an engraving service as well, why not offer a special on multiple silver bracelets engraved with a personalized message thanking the recipient for taking part in your wedding? It's a thoughtful, gracious, and elegant gift that falls within the budget of most weddings.

Getting Creative with Sales

By getting creative with your ideas for sales and basing them around local events in your region, you can boost your profits while earning a reputation as a solid member of the community.

Local school events are an excellent place to start. Graduations, proms, and even sporting events can all be used as fitting times to give the gift of a silver bracelet. By seeing wholesale silver bracelets as so much more than just a romantic gift, the sales opportunities become limitless.

By buying them in bulk, you have the opportunity to turn the gift of a silver bracelet into a local tradition in your area. Getting creative with your sales techniques and ideas will open a whole new level of sales opportunities and put your business on the map, as well as ahead of your local competitors. 

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