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Organizational Innovations for Upgraded Startup Productivity

Running a small business is a short-term race for the majority of startup owners. However, if your business isn’t among those chosen 10% that succeed, you shouldn’t fall into despair. On the contrary, that experience should be used to build your new project from scratch. Since proper organization opens the door to more productive work, you need to unlock that door with innovative organizational features. Here’s how to improve your work performance in the fast-changing business environment.

Introducing several levels

The way startup owners arrange their business hierarchy has dramatically changed. Due to the tremendous impact of modern innovations, work flexibility is the prevalent trend in this time and age. While flexible work hours and an elastic approach to management are here to stay, they require stronger supervision. Otherwise, it could lead to some undesired outcomes. This is why business managers and owners need to rely on some connective tissue. Translated to the context of an average startup – appointing team leaders as direct supervisors of all the innovative methods in the work process. That way you will get regular feedback on the adequacy of those work-organizing novelties.

Professional communication

When communication is poor, the entire business suffers. This usually results in misunderstandings between employees, which might affect and ruin the work atmosphere. Therefore, insist on several simple office communication features.

  • Welcome notes – startup owners should surprise their workers with inspiring welcome notes at least once a week. That way, you will set an example of polite and respectful communication.
  • Reasonable meeting pace – according to a post brought by Forbes, employees disapprove of having too many meetings. So, if you want to keep the in-house communication civilized and less tiring, reduce the number of meetings.
  • Email culture – although a large number of startups have embraced social media chats and Skype for business communication, it’s wiser to use email when giving important instructions to employees or informing them on some new rules. It will definitely look more professional.

IT training for staff

Needless to say, at this moment, in the development of the global information technologies, every single employee in every startup is required to expand their knowledge of the IT-tools vital for their niche. Nevertheless, many people can’t learn how to use some solutions if they aren’t provided with proper training. Because of that, give your workers a chance to attend such educational events as much as possible. When they learn how to use modern work-enhancing tools, their performances will be improved and advanced, contributing to higher productive rates of your business.

In addition, let them have some additional practice time on a weekly, so as to manage to implement their newly learnt skills in their everyday work.


Identifying weaknesses

When large companies discover mistakes in their work mechanisms, they immediately react to correct those imperfections and minimize the risk of financial damage. Hence, startups should follow suit in this proactive attitude to work. Speaking of business anticipation, it’s also vital to assess what areas of work your employees can handle on their own and where they will need assistance. Nowadays you can easily establish work collaboration with businesses similar to yours, so as to reduce the amount of stress that your already preoccupied employees need to cope with. Furthermore, the outsourcing specialists from Crystel suggest that this business strategy will enable you to organize work in a time-efficient way, so as to never miss a deadline. In return, this will result in better cooperation with your clients, as well as higher incomes.

Whether or not your startup will survive the initiation period will depend on tiny details. They separate distinguished enterprises from the amorphous crowd of has-been businesses. So, if you approach the issue of work organization in a modern and rational way, it will take your entire entrepreneurial effort to a completely new level, making your business a perfectly organized and highly productive work unit.

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