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Orlando Car Accident Statistics

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Getting behind the wheel to go to work, go to school, run errands, or attend appointments risks motorists getting involved in vehicular accidents. Over the years, road traffic is increasing, and this increases the risk of crashes regardless of how careful you drive.

Florida being one of the most popular destinations draws traffic influx each year which also resulted in increased car accidents and fatalities. These peak times for Orlando tend to be between the months of November, December, and January due to the holidays, as well as snowbirds, coming down to escape the winter weather.

In the 2017 US News report, Florida ranked 3rd as the most dangerous state for fatal car accidents. Orange County, Florida is the 2nd worst country with the most car accidents per citizen - 1 accident per every 43 citizens.

If Orlando is your home or you are a frequent visitor, the below Orlando car accident statistics might help you.

Fatal Orlando Car Accidents Statistics for 2020

-          Total motor vehicle-related crashes: 23,247

-          Total fatalities from all crashes: 168

-          Total bicycle fatalities: 7

-          Total motorcycle fatalities: 31

-          Total pedestrian fatalities: 43

-          Total alcohol-related fatalities: 19

The year 2020 was full of different living standards and protocols due to the pandemic of COVID-19. With the beginning of the year seeming to be normal then in March going into lockdown for a couple of months. Florida is one of the few states to reopen with restrictions. This led to a decrease in the number of people driving and traveling.

With air travel being heavily restricted, theme parks being closed down or reopened with capacity restrictions, and dining resorting to take out only, it is no wonder why the Orlando hotspot saw this decrease.

Below you will be able to compare the overall decrease in crashes in 2020 compared to 2019 and 2018.

Fatal Orlando Car Accidents Statistics for 2019

-          Total car accidents: 31,595

-          Total fatalities from all crashes: 173

-          Total bicycle fatalities: 6

-          Total motorcycle fatalities: 26

-          Total pedestrian fatalities: 59

-          Total alcohol-related fatalities: 43

Fatal Orlando Car Accidents Statistics for 2018

-          Total motor vehicle-related crashes: 31,917

-          Total fatalities from all crashes: 177

-          Total bicycle fatalities: 9

-          Total motorcycle fatalities: 31

-          Total pedestrian fatalities: 53

-          Total alcohol-related fatalities: 24

According to an article published on clickflorida.com on November 28, 2020, Florida ranked 3rd on the list of the most dangerous states to drive in the entire United States. With 2, 915 fatal crashes and 3,133 deaths, there is no denying the dangers of driving in the Sunshine State.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has collated the numbers for 2019 which are indicated below:

·         400,266 accident crashes in 2019

·         3,158 people died in collisions

·         254,185 people suffered injuries from car accidents

Just an additional information though, if you are into biking as a form of exercise or a hobby, the state is also known to be not that “bicycle” friendly with 6,636 bicycle crashes with 143 bicycle fatalities.

Besides, Florida is also notorious to pedestrians with 9,665 pedestrian crashes with 713 fatalities and a countless number of injuries.

What are the factors that can cause fatal car accidents?

1.   Light conditions; daylight, dusk, dawn, dark (lighted), and dark (not lighted)

2.   Atmospheric condition; clear, rain, fog, smoke, smog, cloudy, hail, crosswinds, blowing sand.

3.   Alcohol

4.   Seat belts

5.   Road condition

6.   Over speeding

7.   Mood

8.   Non-wearing of seat belt

9.   Aggressive driving

Regardless of how careful you drive; car accidents can still happen if you will encounter a negligent driver. Especially in the Orlando area with all the hustle and bustle, Orlando car accidents are more likely to occur.

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