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Factors Helping you Choose The Right Orthotics and Prosthetics Prior Authorization Solution

Even though prior authorization is a vital tool in optimizing patient outcomes by assuring that the members receive a medication that is effective and at the best price, it is the most frustrating work reported by most of the healthcare staff in the medical domain.

According to the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) report of 2018, the prior authorization and Medicare Quality Payment Program are in the top rank of the most burdensome regulatory issues list. Furthermore, in 2019, the burden has only increased according to 86% of the respondents, while only 1% of respondents believed the other way round.

The reports also revealed that 80% of respondents stated that less burdensome activities would lead their practice to invest more in technology. Furthermore, 92% found that prior authorization has an adverse impact on clinical consequences.

Even almost all of the responders reported extreme delays in necessary care, and most physicians reported that the complex and time consuming process leads to complete treatment abandonment, thus leaving patients without any appropriate care which is needed. Thus outsourcing for your orthotics and prosthetics prior authorization services is one way that you can save money in these financially turbulent times. Not only will outsourcing cost almost 20% less than doing it in-house, but it also improves the healthcare provider's focus on more vital areas like patient care.

Why Choose for an Orthotics and Prosthetics Prior Authorization Operational Extension: 

Cost-effective- The crucial factor in any business is always been the monetary aspect. Healthcare originations frequently get doubtful in opting for in-house or outsourcing. Choosing an operational system can save a lot of money. 

Collection rate: stuck in between work,in-house staffs often juggle between many activities leading to delayed fee collection from the responsible sources. Whereas outsourcing organization is specialized for such services with a dedicated team only for the collection thus resulting in a better collection rate.

Experience with Skilled resources - hiring an in-house employee for the prior authorization process is quite expensive than outsourcing due to its employee salaries, perks, training cost etc. In fact, in most circumstances the in-house healthcare employees have to go through the training process, software knowledge etc; costing a lot of money and loss of time too. However, in outsourcing you have the advantage of trained medical billing employees for medical billing software, no extra training cost headache etc.

With all the above checklist, PriorAurth Online powered by Sunknowledge Services Inc, not only fits today’s healthcare providers requirement but also has excellent industry reference. Immediately increasing your collection by 80% within the first 30 days by getting your prior authorization accurately approved,PriorAuth Online offers complete operational transparency. With the highest productivity metric offering a standard pricing and quality assurance, PriorAuth Online offers a 100% orthotics and prosthetics prior authorization submission on the same day.

Focusing on closing all the authorization gaps faster and effectively, PriorAuth Online also offers robust reporting, 80% operational cost reduction, a 99.9% accuracy rate, a no lockup /binding contract and many more.

If you are looking to experience a streamlined orthotics and prosthetics prior authorization with a trusted outsourcing company, contact PriorAuth Online today! PriorAuth Online being a one-stop destination is available to answer all your authorization queries over a 'no commitment call' and help you with a tailored customized solution with revenue generation.

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