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Outdoor Adventures Or Formal Occasions: One For Each From American Hat Makers

If you never wore hats because you felt they might not look good, then you could rethink. A hat that doesn’t suit you is an obvious misfit. Hats are a global favorite because they complement everyone and every occasion. The important factor is to choose a hat that goes well with your face and body. Hat sizes usually depend on the fit you want. So, if you wish to give hats a chance, scroll down.

Do you wish to view the top-selling hat collections? You can visit the AHM homepage to know more about best sellers, material type and brand ethics. If you are a hat-lover, who is spoilt for choice on the prospect of an occasion, streamlining options can be helpful.

  • Type – Choosing the correct type is essential to match your personality and vibe. Look through hat types such as fedoras and berets if you have to visit an art exhibition. Cowboy hats are perfect for attending a weekend horse racing match. 

  • Material – If you are all in for the beach, choosing to wear a straw hat or a sun hat can be ideal. These hats are made of materials that add to their durability. Also, these hats provide the ultimate sun protection.

  • Size – A grand ball invitation deserves a well-fitted Beret or Victorian hat. Loosely-fitted Dad hats may be appropriate for an everyday sporty look.

  • Color – Choosing a color depending on the occasion type is necessary to look relevant and attractive. Deciding to wear a burnt honey top hat for a white-tie event may look odd. A black top hat would be more appropriate in this case.

  • Appeal – Select the hat that appeals to you the most in terms of comfort. It is necessary to be comfortable when styling and attending events. 

Hat types for every occasion

  • Cocktail Party – These are the casual events where the dress-up game is strong and competitive. You can choose to wear a Berret or a Victorian hat for a classic look.

  • Birthday Parties – Birthdays are light-hearted events that don’t limit your options when deciding what hat to wear. If the daytime party is being held near a pool, you may wear a fedora hat for a charming appeal. 

  • Weddings – These events can be either a high-profile black and white tie wedding or a destination wedding. For a formal look, men can wear a top hat. Women can go for a floppy hat for a relaxed yet chic look, and men can opt for the sleek pork pies.

  • Weekend Brunches – A brunch with friends calls for a bucket hat. These hats are chic, fashionable, and quirky. Bucket hats go well with a lot of outfits, including denim jackets and dresses.

  • Art Exhibitions – Wearing a Beret to an aesthetically pleasant event such as an art exhibition would be ideal. You could also opt for a beige visor that complements a subtle-colored pantsuit.

  • Adventurous Trips – A sunny day trip can be super fun if you wear a light-colored Straw hat. One can also opt for Sun hats which come with water-resistant features. A forest trail calls for a boonie hat, and floppy hats can be cute additions to your picnic party outfit.


Choose your perfect occasion hat and flaunt endlessly. Follow the tips mentioned above to ace your style game with the top-selling hats of 2021.

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