Monday, October 2, 2023
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Outdoor Air, Seafood, and Live Music: A Perfect Local Getaway for You!

Forget your worries and indulge in the rich and intense burst of seafood flavors, paired with groovy live music for a uniquely tranquil experience at Clearwater Beach.

It’s a good summer day, and you’re on a beach enjoying a song- things can’t get better, can they? Unfortunately, we now know that won’t always be the case. The lasting global impact of Covid-19 and the stress of navigating through the pandemic has been such that reveling in the beauty of nature, and a quiet summer outdoors is almost a thing of the past these days. But you can still take out a minute to unwind at an outdoor restaurant (it’s safer, given Covid-19 SOPs).

Enjoying live music in Clearwater Beach Fl adds to the calm, relaxing feeling of watching the waves crash by the shore. With a beer in your hand and seafood on your table, the sense of contentment will surely recharge you for the upcoming week.

BadFins is one of the best restaurants at Clearwater Beachthat allow a clear view of the waves. Enjoying your meal and dancing to live music is possible while basking in the orange rays of the setting sun. This picturesque setting will also glow up your social media profile, with your friends longing to do the same.

Live Music

Voted #1 for Seafood and Mexican cuisine, BadFins is a restaurant that you can’t just miss when you’re at Clearwater Beach in Florida. The sound of people having a good time with pleasant live music playing in the background will magnetically pull you into the restaurant, leaving you feeling deeply satisfied at the end.

The restaurant organizes frequent events that start from the morning, lasting until midnight, and the live music at the restaurant creates an inviting atmosphere that automatically pulls you in. Some popular Live Music events at BadFins are acts by Cutty Jones, LOTP, Brek Milo, Joe Genuardi, and Jariah Higgins. Munching on your ordered food items while enjoying the music of such popular singers is an experience that cannot be missed.

Scenic View

The family-friendly environment at BadFins makes it a delightful holiday location for people of all ages. You can join in with your parents, kids, or partners to enjoy the scenic views coupled with the sight of people walking and playing at the beach.  You also get to witness jaw-dropping views of the sea from the comfort of BadFins restaurant’s outdoor seating.

Another point to note is the visibility of the ocean. While taking a bite of tacos or tater tots, you will be delighted by the crashing of the ocean waves at the shore. Keeping track of time becomes difficult as you spend hours immersed in the beauty of the view and the intoxication of the music.

Food Delights

Whether you’ve just arrived at the restaurant after a thrilling swim or a walk in the sand, BadFins restaurant will make sure that you leave with your stomach satisfied. Let’s glance at some of the most recommended munchies and meals at the outdoor restaurant.

  • Vegetarian: You will definitely miss the essence of being at BadFins if you skip the famous Mac and Cheese the restaurant is renowned for. Regardless of your main order, get a plate of mac and cheese for the table, and share the rich flavors with your friends and family. Avocado Hummus, Street Guacamole, Caesar Salad, Black Beans, and Cilantro-Lime Rice are other delicious side options.
  • Seafood: Firm lobsters, bright pink shrimps, and Chile-seared Tuna are all waiting to be ordered at BadFins. The kitchen is always bustling with the instructions of the head chef, continuously grilling and cooking the best-in-class seafood for you. The chefs work tirelessly from the basics of sauces and spices to create the perfect blend of flavors that create a blissful explosion in your mouth with every bite.

Get ready to savor Yellowfin Ahi Tuna, Maine Lobster, Panko-crusted Red Snapper, and (if you’re feeling adventurous) Wild caught Red Shrimp from the kitchen of some of the best chefs in Florida.

  • Meat: Traveling with kids? Worrying about portions of your food going to waste? Well, fret not. Kids under ten years of age can order golden crispy tots and a small glass of fountain soda for their meal. Some available options at the restaurant are - Cheese Quesadilla, Chicken Strips, and Kraft Mac & Cheese, all of these are served with tater tots.
  • Drinks: From Handcrafted Cocktails and Mimosa to Italian Blended Wine, you’ll find an extensive range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to match your taste and preferences. The alcoholic handcrafted cocktails at BadFins are unlike any cocktail you’ve ever tasted. Their uniqueness is credited to two factors - 100% natural ingredients and distinctive recipes.

But the list isn’t over. There is a list of Mimosas (combination of flower/fruit juice with wine) that are equally appealing. BadFins will make you go ‘wow’ with their most out-of-the-box item - Beermosa. Yes, you read it right! Beermosa, not Mimosa. It is an appropriate mixture of wheat beer and orange juice (No, it doesn’t taste weird. You can try it). Ask your friends and family to join you for Bottomless Mimosas (900+ml glass in the shape of a champagne bottle) until 5 pm on Sundays.

An Evening Replete with Memories for Life

Planning on a peaceful and musical evening at an outdoor restaurant? Call your friends or family and head on to BadFins, a restaurant to experience world-class dining and breathtaking views of the sea at Clearwater Beach.

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