Painting Commercial Gyms: Help Your Clients Optimize Their Space!


One of the most popular lifestyle changes impacting the world today is people’s attitude towards fitness. More and more people are becoming concerned about their health and doing everything they can to be healthy, be it eating clean or hitting the gym.

This is why premium and discount gyms are getting so popular now. If you also own or operate a gym and you want to decorate it right to lure new customers, then you should read the following options regarding painting commercial gyms.

The Bold Option

When you want the gym to motivate people to be full of energy and power through every workout, then you should ask the experts like New Castle Painting BC to add colors like electric blue and lime green. These colors will make the gym appear full of life and brighter than ever. You can’t ignore these colors if you own or operate a gym targeted towards intense training sessions and a lot of weight lifting.

The Passion Booster

If people visit your gym to hit it hard and focus on intense workouts, then you can boost their passion for fitness by painting your gym in red color. This color also signifies aggression which if used smartly can motivate a gym goer to perform past his or her limits and set new records. While choosing the right shade of red, make sure that you pick an option that’s not too bright. Two options worth considering are real red and cherry red.

The Cool Option

In case your gym members like to sweat a lot, you can help them to cool off by painting the gym in blue color. It will help people to keep their minds cool and avoid overheating during workouts. This color also helps people evoke a feeling of success which is essential if a person wants to stay motivated to work hard at the gym.

The Bright Option

Another worthy option you must consider while painting a gym is yellow. No, we are not asking you to go for bright yellow and make your gym over bright. We are suggesting that you opt for a subtle yellow shade that brightens the gym while evoking feelings of happiness and optimism in the members who are doing a tough workout session and don’t want to give up.

The Simpler Choices

If the thought of painting your gym yellow or electrifying blue have scared you a bit and you want something more sophisticated and classier, then you should consider color options like off white and beige when painting your gym. The colors help the gym goers to have a calm mind and helps them to relax before, during and after a workout session. These colors are ideal for you if you propagate yoga or meditation at your gym.

The Stimulating Option

Last but not least, you should consider orange color while getting your gym painted. It will make the members feel strong and confident and allow them to perform their best every time they visit you. If used smartly, orange can also inspire energy bursts and make a person feel ready for intense workouts.

Now, if you have shortlisted a few paint options for your gym, you should also know how color influences decisions before making the final selection. Good Luck!