Pandemic Hit the Beauty Routine Hard


It is said that a person can make or break a habit in just 21 days. The pandemic was even stronger to make or to break any habit. 60 days or more is enough to get well settled into the habit. Especially for women who have lost a hand of their regular beauty routine, no more waxing, no more gym, no more manicure, and pedicure. This had made hair removal laser quite popular among women.


Women all over the world have been asking the same question about when and how are they going to resettle back to their own life again. 

It seems that we are going to adopt an easy-going technique with the new beauty routines in pandemic and after the pandemic. It has become difficult to decide whether this non-makeup face is going to continue forever now or if even a chance we would like to get back to old routine makeup.  

While the income during the pandemic has been very low and many of the people realized that sitting back at home can never be a solution. Especially the fashion brands have been affected largely because very few of their products got sold due to various limitations. During this time many realized earning money or growing money is very important because it is just


money which can help you carry on with your life and lifestyle. During the pandemic the Crypto Engine has given major support to the people of the world, helping them earn some amount of money. 

 There are some unnatural events which took place in these past few months and it is the sign of nothing like before.  Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, deer’s have been found to roam about in the transit of the station looking for food, while on the other hand swans in Venice have tried to prey fishes from small canals which they usually do not do. But on the other hand, people have been found to be very fascinated by the fact that the human world is gradually vanishing and the existence of the animal in the human world has become much prominent than before.  

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It was not necessary to cling to social media to feel the changes that have been found in the world, the real-life experiences were enough. This quarantine had cut off people especially women in a manner that has been very difficult to deal with by the women. Many people have lost their job and livelihood but some remain as unaffected because of the lack of the utility of life. 

 The life of salon is very common to every woman that no women could afford in the past given period of lockdown. No luxury treatment was allowed nor was it a concern among the people. Even if one had money to enjoy the luxury, many felt it was really silly to do some self-care or makeup treatment or skin beautification when some other dear one did not have enough money to eat. 


Job Safety and job stability have been lacking in the past few months, so any other suits of the luxury are not an idea to do. But this is not what only one family or one person is facing, everyone all across the world is facing this kind of issue. Some people have been asked to live to the usual comfort which has offended them a lot but this was has done simply to gain some respect and some things for the ones who got nothing to shelter themselves. 




Amongst all of this makeup and beauty care has been an unspoken reality of people’s lives, people have avoided enough to talk about the loss that they have made. Women and artists are still in a dilemma whether they should be accepting the makeup life once again or let the natural glow like it has been glowing over the past few months. The stories of the actors on

Instagram and other social media have been all about their daily makeup-less life which has also received a lot of love and care. 

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