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Pandemic vs Christmas 2020: How is it going to be?

At this point, everyone knows the drastic changes Covid-19 has brought into lives around the world. No one would believe that the year 2020 would turn out the way it did if they were told a year ago. Many local businesses went bankrupt unable to handle the financial stress the pandemic put them in. But things are not completely hopeless. Tides change like they always do. People are learning to adapt to living with the pandemic. One platform in particular had seen a surprising growth in this crisis. The E-commerce platform was the first to get out of the pandemic effect. Shopping online has become a norm in these last few years around the world. Even before the Pandemic, transactions worth Billions of dollars took place online. People find it very easy to shop online without actually going physically anywhere. Thus, increasing the sales of e-commerce on the whole. During the festivals, in particular, these sales are astounding. But the year 2020 is different. Looking at the changes it brought, everyone is curious to know how it would impact the sales during biggest festival on the planet, Christmas in e-commerce.

Christmas in Middle-East

In Middle-East, among other religious festivals, Christmas has huge sales in the month of December. Christmas sale starts on the 1st of December and ends on the 25th. To grab major deals on various products, people save money to buy during this period. Due to globalization, these sales have become common aspects to look for in countries across Middle-East.  Many stores put astounding sales during the time of Christmas. Even though many countries in the Middle-East are well organized and were able to stand strong during the pandemic, online sales are still high. People trust top brands in regards to better service and great quality and through online they are immensely satisfied.

Christmas Clothing

Top fashion brands which are actively serving people of across the Middle-East, constantly update their websites with the latest fashion trends and sales. These fashion websites consist latest fashion trends in categories like, shirts, trousers, pants, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts and many other. Many stores even provide various models of facemasks. During Christmas, these stores provide many exotic collections for customers to discover and shop. With its amazing discounts and Christmas sales, online stores have become go-to places to shop for Christmas. These fashion stores often allow customers use coupons and discount vouchers to save money like Gap customers can avail discounts using Gap promo codes. When stores stay consistent with their service, introducing more deals and offers, constantly improving their user experience, and with fine shipping options, the Christmas sales are bound to skyrocket.

Better Gadgets, better Sale

Electronics play a major role in Christmas shopping. People wait for Christmas sales to buy gadgets at a better price. Electronic stores like which usually contain a great number of electronic devices in-store, introduce staggering deals for the Christmas season. Many exciting devices in Computers, Tablets, Phones, Cameras, Home entertainment, air conditioners, are sold at discounted prices during Christmas. These websites update their pages with improvements from time to time. Along with gadgets, these stores are introducing innovative delivery methods to satisfy customers.  With Xcite promo codes, the amount of money people usually save on electronics is very high. These storeshavewell trained installers to assist customers with product installation. Xcite assures that services are safe and the installers, delivery people are well trained to take necessary precautions against Covid-19. The demand for electronics is always high during Christmas and when stores offer better deals and safety measures, customers are assured to have a great holiday spirit. 

Online stores that act as one-stop to shop anything are always preferred. Stores like Jumia and Amazon have become household names to shop online for that reason. These store supplies numerous products infashion, health, beauty, gadgets, electronics, and many other products. With exclusive Jumia discount codes, customers save more money and during Christmas, retailer stores introduce many sales and offers to customers. With the pandemic being active, theyassuretheir customers that they take all necessary precautions and constantly assesses their measures in handling Covid-19 situation.

Ecommerce is not something born due to Covid-19. It has been functional for over a decade. Due to the pandemic, even those who prefer shopping in traditional ways are coerced to shop online that includes essentials to survive. When the amount of online sales increases, it leads to the growth of e-commerce. When these sales are increasing more rapidly, it is called exponential growth. This leads to the exponential growth of e-commerce.  On important days like Christmas, these sales are pretty high. The whole world is working hard to eradicate Covid-19. Although the efforts are looking promising, it might take a while before everything goes back to the pre-Covid-19 phase. Somethings might’ve changed for good. It is necessary to learn to live with the crisis along finding ways to solve it. Festivals like Christmas are important not just in religious perspectives but to lift morale during times like these. Shopping for days like Christmas is necessary and finding better sales and saving more has become an indirect tradition which needs to be continued.




Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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