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Parts of slotting machines

Let's us understand the meaning of these parts:

Base or Bed
You can clearly have an idea as its name suggests the base of a slotting machine. This is that part of the slotting machine which holds over all the other parts. Cast iron is used in base material as this part needs solid material to take a comprehensive wall of all other different parts of iron.

Cast iron is considered robust, solid, and rigid matter. And also it has a high shock-absorbing capacity.

The column part is made up of cost iron present just above from base. It is a box-like container and attached to the base. The column is a container that drives different mechanism containers like arrangements of gear, pulleys, etc which caused the ram’s reciprocating.

This column is also a support of ram and workpiece. On the top of the column, guideways are created which make the ram slide.

Guideways are present at the front of the column's face. It is present in the vertical direction on the column face that's why it is also called vertical guideways.

The main function of Ram is to reciprocate the up and down. The driving mechanism of the machine is found inside the column that passes the power.

Cutting tool
This is that part of the slotting machine which cut the unnecessary waste part from the workpiece. In slotting machines, the tool which is used for cutting is a single-point cutting tool. This tool is made up of high-speed steel.

Carriage carries every part which is present below and above the table, carriage itself present above the base. It carries a rotary table, saddle, cross slide, and workpiece in a slotting machine.

The saddle is fitted upon the guideways and can take the direction towards and away from the column. In supplying longitudinal feed to work saddle is moved mechanically i.e. power or as well as manually i.e. manually.

To provide guideways the saddle is properly finished from the top face for the cross slide. Perpendicular guideways on the base are called saddle guideways.

Cross slide
The face of the column is mounted with a cross slide and parallelly moved to the column face i.e. can move in any direction whether in forwarding or backward direction.  It can be done mechanically by power or manually by supplying power to get crossfeed.

Rotary table
On the top of the cross slide, a circular table is present which is a rotary table. This table can be rotated that's why it is known as a rotary table. A worm rotates this rotated table that meshes with a worm gear connected to the table underside. In this rotary table, on the face of the table’s top. Cutted t-slots are there so that multiple clamping devices can be adjusted to hold the workpiece.

Circular or continued can be generated with this table on the workpiece. In some rotary machines, the graduation of tables takes place in degrees so that rotation work for indexing or diving can be done in equal no of parts.

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