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Pashmina Shawl Features That Will Pursue You To Go Shopping

Pashmina scarf

There is something special; something royal about pure Pashmina shawl. Not everybody can own this precious piece of ultimate craftsmanship. From the selection of thread to the natural dying process, each step of the Pashmina shawl manufacturing is handled with utmost care. When you will buy a pure Pashmina shawl, you not only purchasing a piece of woolen, you are inheriting the royal heritage that has been weaving with each thread. This will be the prized possession that you will love to flaunt to gain some jealous glances.

1. Light Weight:

As the Pashmina shawl is made of pure yarns of the natural fibers, the material is quite light in weight. You can barely feel that you are wrapping up any woolen shawl. Pashmina is considered one of the finest fibers in this world. To avoid adulteration, a new PCR technique has been developed to identify other fibers from pure Pashmina. As the best thing is curated from in such a delicate way, the quality of the material must be outstanding. 

2. Soft:

For its natural fiber, the pure Pashmina Shawl is very soft and delicate. The users can enjoy the supple touch of the fabric which is not at all like any other woolen items. The softness of the Pashmina shawls depends on the fabric’s count. The softness of the shawls depends on the number of yarn during the weaving. The Kashmiri Pashmina has around 160 counts which made it the world’s best woolen. The pure Pashmina can pass the ring test easily. 

3. Take Less Space:

You can pack and carry Pashmina anywhere as this lightweight material takes minimum space in your bag. Remember; never store a pure Pashmina in a plastic bag as it can damage the texture hugely. The best you can do is to keep them in a muslin bag or protective case so that there will be no lint to destroy the beauty of the shawl. Along with that, never keep naphthalene balls with it as it can damage the texture. 

4. Sign Of Luxury & Heritage:

The history of Pashmina was started dated back in the 15th century when the then ruler of Kashmir, Zyan Ul Abidin initiated the wool industry there. However, there are instances of Pashmina in history long back 300 B.C. It is an integral part of royal attires for centuries as it was worn by Kings and Queens only then. So, the Pashmina shawl in your closet is the lineage of that luxurious heritage that you can cherish for the rest of your life.  

5. Natural:

The journey of the Cashmere Pashmina starts from the beautiful valley of Kashmir. The pure shawl is made from the silk-like fiber which comes from a very special breed of the Kashmiri goat. The raw Pashmina fibers are collected when the animals naturally shed their coat during the spring season. Then the workers clean the raw materials for sand and dust. Then they separate the fleece as per their color. After the gradation, the wool is dyed with natural colors. Finally, the spinning is done to make the thread ready for weaving. The pure Pashmina shawls are hand-woven by the artisans who know the best way to blend the threads with love.       


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