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Pass the Amazon assessment and become an employee of the biggest technology company


If you’re planning on joining Amazon, one thing you should know about is that it would take more than an impressive resume, experience, and good interview skills to be accepted into the company.

That’s right, even if you know that you are qualified, or even the prime candidate, for the position that you are interested in, you will still have to take and pass the amazon assessment test.

The reason behind this is because Amazon is very strict with its hiring process and it will do everything it can in order to make sure that everyone they hire is not only qualified for the job but is also a perfect match for it mentally.

So if you want to secure your application at Amazon, you will have to go the extra mile and conquer the Amazon assessment.

That being said, let’s look over a few things that can help you know what is in the amazon assessment so that you will know how to tackle the test itself.

  • Know what traits are needed for your position

Contrary to belief, most applicants seem to fail based on the results of their Amazon Assessment Test Work Style Assessment exercise.

In reality, many job hunters are highly qualified for the job based on their cognitive abilities and credentials, and they would have been hired immediately if those were the only requirements of the company.

The only problem, however, is that Amazon wants to make sure that the applicants are also mentally and emotionally compatible for the job.

So if you’re applying for a software development job with them, you need to tailor your answers in the workstyle and work sample so that you can prove that you are a perfect match for Amazon’s company culture and a good example of their leadership principles if the position you want has some managerial responsibilities to them.



This means that if you are required to be analytical, firm, punctual, or proactive, you will need to show that you are by selecting the applicable traits or statements in the Amazon assessment test.

A good example of this is choosing between the two statements “I like finishing my work as early as possible” and “I like to take my time with my work”.

While both statements are inherently correct, one or the other will be the most preferred one depending on which job you are applying for.

  • Prepare for a presentation

If you did well in the Amazon Assessment and you’ve been invited to an in-person interview, it is highly likely that you will then be made to do a presentation in front of a panel to showcase your ability to function well in the role that you want.

For some, this is known as the Amazon Work Sample Simulation, and you will be made to complete a virtual task, or a number of tasks that are related to the role that you are interested in.



These tasks are meant to test your problem-solving, prioritization, and interpersonal skills at the workplace so that the hiring managers can see for themselves if you are truly fit for the position.

If you want to go through this part of the Amazon assessments, then you will have to brush up on your critical thinking skills, data interpretation skills, conflict management skills, as well as other skills related to your craft.

  • Don’t forget to prepare for the psychometric test!

Although the previous points are more important since they involve having actual Amazon hiring managers check your compatibility with the job, they will be useless if you fail to secure a high score in the psychometric test of the company.

Remember! With dozens, if not hundreds vying for a single vacancy, you can be sure that only those who scored the highest will be considered for the interview.

This means that if you really want to secure your chance at Amazon, you should aim to get a perfect score in the test.

In order to do this, you must sharpen your numerical reasoning, reading comprehension, spatial reasoning, and logical reasoning skills either by reviewing old school books that you have on these subjects.

A good alternative, however, is to find an online Amazon Assessment practice tests which contains everything with some providers even offering extensive study guides to make sure you can tackle each subject effectively.

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