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Patrick Henry Maddren Shares Tips on Money Management amid COVID-19

Things are uncertain amid COVID-19 and therefore, it is natural to feel petrified about your finances. People are losing employment or working with paychecks reduced. In such a situation, it is difficult to make both ends meet. Your income is limited but expenses more.

According to an article published on, in a pandemic like COVID-19, normalcy has flown out of the window, especially if one has lost his or her employment. The first thing to do is to stop saving for some time when you have lost your job and fallen behind on bills until you clear all dues.

No matter what your financial situation is, here are some tips to restructure your financial planning:

Patrick Henry Maddren recommends researching your choices

When times are challenging, smart decision or strategy is your best bet. Learning what you can do if you fail to make payment for your domestic bills is important for defending your possessions. When rent is difficult to pay amid the pandemic, the best way is to communicate with the property owner, because he is most likely worrying about payments too.

Student loans are another concern; then, some lenders have started providing some sort of relief from the problems created due to the corona crisis. The student loan refinancing firms have taken action in some ways to avert the problem. Patrick Henry Maddren advises students to speak with their lenders, requesting them if payments could be delayed for some time amid COVID-19.

Staying focused

With situations continually changing amid the epidemic, you are facing similar problems like others. Therefore, you need to stay focused on protecting your finances by evaluating your expenses and adjusting the same accordingly. You need to cut back on your luxuries and focus on the necessities more amid the pandemic. There is no reason to spend extravagantly on eating out now. You will not because eating out is not that safe amid the corona crisis. Again, talk with your lenders if you have any debts and explore the options you have.

Depending on those whom you trust, like your friends and family to hold you responsible for your money matters is the ideal way to make wise financial decisions. Staying connected with your loved ones will help you focus on your finances and manage your money well at these troubled times.

Building an emergency fund

The perfect way to avoid financial problems is by creating an emergency fund. Now, you need to figure out where your money is being spent and when your paycheck is coming so that you can balance your expenses and income according to your needs. You need to take baby steps when it comes to building an emergency fund. Even if you manage to put aside $500 each month, it will help you when there is some contingency. Learn assessing your budget, dividing your expenditures, modifying budget, looking for available benefits, and re-evaluating your financial goals.The general top down danger control, that is stating that we will be in top notch organizations. Also, base up singular danger appraisals. You can truly do these things, in the event that you are truly near these organizations. 


Keep these tips in mind to manage your finances at these troubled times. It will help you become financially steady and meet the necessary expenses. What steps have you taken so far? Feel free to comment.

Sujain Thomas
Sujain Thomas
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