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Pay a Visit to the Must See Places in Charleston South Carolina

Ravenel Bridge

Taking time out from hectic work activities and pressure will allow you to regain your energy. To do so, planning a long vacation trip might do the trick since it carries many positive traits. Traveling will enable you to spend time with your family, which was not possible because of your work. This allows you to have a peace of mind, relax your mind, body, and soul.

If you are currently planning for a trip with your family, the well-known and famous ESPM Vacation Rentals and Property Management Agency will be happy to help you. You get to pay a visit to the city of Charleston in South Carolina, and it is filled with many historical attractions and exciting events and entertainment.

Charleston and its brief history

An English colonist found the city of Charleston in South Carolina in 1670. It was originally named Charles Town to honor King Charles II of England. Within a minor span, Charleston was thriving with ports and was crowded with people. By the 18th century, the city of Charleston started to flourish and Drayton Hall and Middleton Place House was built in 1742 and 1755, respectively.

By 1850, the population Charleston reached to 43000 and with the start of Civil War in 1861, Charleston suffered a lot of damages and destruction and the city was put into flames. To stop further damages the mayor of Charleston surrendered itself to the Union forces. Over the years, the city has suffered through earthquakes and tornadoes, where many lives were lost, and many houses were destroyed. The city of Charleston is now standing firm, and it has developed rapidly over the years. Therefore, the population is increased to 13400 as of 2017, and the city is currently on the verge of future developments.

Places to visit in Charleston

When you are paying a visit to the city of Charleston, there are many historical sites and locations, where you can gain a lot of information about the cities past. One of the best places to start your Charleston Attractions tour is to visit the museums and the plantation. It will brief you about the city, how it survived the Civil War, and its development over the years. Given below are some of the famous and popular attractions, you must see in Charleston. They are

• Waterfront Park

• Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

• South Carolina Aquarium

• Old Slave Mart Museum

• USS Yorktown and Patriot Point

• Boone Hall Plantation

• Ravenel Bridge

• Drayton Hall

• Fort Sumter National Museum

• Charleston Museum

• Nathaniel Russell House and Aiken-Rhett House

These Charleston Attractions are some of the main destinations, where you will find frequent visits by tourist from all around the country and the globe. One of the main attractions, which has topped in the must-see list, is the Middleton Place Plantation. The plantation is completely furnished and the grounds still carry the symmetrical 17th-century European designs. The gardens of the plantation happen to bloom with the rare camellia flowers during the winters, and the beautiful but azaleas during springtime. When you will be taking the tour of 1755 built Middleton house, you will learn about the four generations of the house and their slaves.

The furniture, rare books, porcelain, portraits, and the silver that has been maintained by the generation of the family for three centuries, will play the part of the evidence. The plantation contains all the rare things, which was used by the Middleton family and the slaves to carry out their day-to-day activities.

Visit Charleston with the help of a good agency

The city of Charleston was one of the wealthiest city of its time, and currently, the city is openly inviting tourists, to learn about its past, and visit the popular attractions, which the city is filled with. The ESPM Vacation Rentals and Property Management Company will enable you to pay a visit to this amazing city in the south and visit all its main attractions and historical places.

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