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Paying Toll at Runcorn Bridge for Halton Non-resident


You may live outside the Halton but you need to use the Runcorn Bridge on River Mersey from time to time. You may have some questions regarding the cost of going across the bridge. Or it may be vague for you about the mode of payment and some other things. In this article, we are going to discuss all the facts about the Runcorn bridge toll.

Cost to Pay for Halton Non-Resident

You will be happy to know that there is no difference whether you are a Halton non-resident. Frit of all, if are not a registered customer at the Mersey bridge toll, you are to pay £2 per crossing. The cost of a registered customer to go across the bridge is however lesser than a non-registered customer. There are two types of account options you have. One is pre-paid account and the other one is a monthly payment.

Pre-paid Accounts

The pre-paid account in Runcorn Bridge is very similar to the Mobile SIM car pre-paid account. You have to recharge your account with sufficient balance. The money in the pre-paid account will be deducted in terms of toll crossing fees. You can even select the auto payment option to recharge your account automatically get recharged through the linked bank account. The same amount of money will be deducted from your bank account. You can limit the auto-recharge amount, but the minimum amount will be £20. You can go for the maximum as per your requirement.

The pre-paid account also has two types. One of them is a pre-paid sticker account and another one is pre-paid video account. The two have some different in nature of course. The pre-paid sticker account is better because you can get 10 percent off discount in each crossing. Thus the cost of crossing with a class 2 car will be £1.8 instead of £2. Moreover, are offered a widescreen sticker each time of crossing with pre-paid sticker account. You just need to pay a pre-paid sticker account creation charge of £5.

On the other hand, pre-paid video account offers you only 5 percent discount in each crossing and no widescreen sticker will be provided.

Monthly Payment

If your crossing through the Runcorn bridge toll is frequent, the per crossing cost will be too expensive. For example, if you cross 4 times a day as way journey, so basically you are crossing the bridge 120 times in the month. Let me assume that you a registered customer and still the cost of the whole month becomes some £210.

Why will you deliberately choose to spend this lot of money? There is a monthly package for you. Buy a £90 monthly account and save money to reduce your overall per crossing cost.

There are more packages regarding the monthly journey. Check the full list on runcornbridgetoll.co.uk or you can make a direct call on 0845 455 0156. This helpline is always open to solve any problem regarding the Mersey Bridge Toll.

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