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Payroll Outsourcing Services in Delhi

Payroll outsourcing services in Delhi are proving to play a decisive role in the growth of a business or organization. The payroll function is a major business function which involves plenty of time and energy to be handled with accuracy and precision. As a result, the HR staff of a business enterprise lands up being overworked and overloaded especially during the time of financial audits or at the end of every financial year. Thus, payroll outsourcing services in Delhi are playing a pivotal role in the efficient running of business organizations.

You would be delighted to know that numerous payroll outsourcing firms are operational in Delhi. There are several players in the market offering payroll outsourcing services at competitive prices. Payroll outsourcing services is a strategic decision taken by the management of a business to ensure the smooth running of the business along with emphasis on the growth aspect of the business enterprise. 


Payroll outsourcing services in Delhi include a wide range of services such as handling employee pay cheques, tax computation, deductions, commission, net payment, handling complaints and queries of employees and other vital HR related issues. Hence, payroll outsourcing services in Delhi offer a huge bouquet of services all covered under HR.

Indeed, there are several benefits of payroll outsourcing services in Delhi. The present business scenario overshadowed by the pandemic has brought in uncertainty and numerous obstacles in the normal functioning of businesses. Business enterprises, SMEs and MNCs – all are experiencing the disruption caused by the pandemic and are looking for ways to cope up with this challenge. 

Payroll outsourcing services in Delhi is a distinct way of handling the present challenging business scenario. Outsourcing payroll services will help you save time, cost, relief from mental stress, complete data security using latest cloud computing systems and strict statutory compliance. 

There are numerous firms providing payroll outsourcing services in Delhi. The prominent ones are the following:

  • Mme Payroll Services

  • EasySource India Private Limited

  • Esperto Payroll Solutions Private Limited

  • S.G.C Management Services 

  • Vision Outsourcing Services

  • Marvy Outsourcing Services

Once you have decided to outsource the payroll services, you can definitely look for the right firm for long-term association. Outsourcing payroll is bound to give you an edge over your competitors in the present business environment. However, selecting the right payroll outsourcing firm will be beneficial for your overall business. One of the esteemed firms offering payroll outsourcing services is EasySource India Private Limited.

EasySource India Private Limited provides comprehensive payroll outsourcing solutions. The company has its office in Delhi and is spread out in the NCR region as well. The company handles payroll services across India over 400 locations. It enjoys 15 years of delivering satisfying service to its esteemed clients. The distinctive features of payroll outsourcing services provided by EasySource India Private Limited are the following:

  • It provides a Self Service Portal to the employees of the company.

  • It has a dedicated mobile app which enables capturing real-time attendance, tracking leave balance and downloading pay slips at the click of a mouse.

  • It has a team of skilled accountants, experts and accounting professionals to assist their clients in accurate tax filing.

A most unique advantage of working with EasySource India Private Limited is that it ensures complete data security of the employees of your company. It also provides real-time data backup. Its services can be availed by all kinds of businesses whether small, medium or big. Significantly, it offers customized services at competitive prices at par with the industry. 


Do not hesitate to contact EasySource India Private Limited. It delivers satisfactory services which assures higher returns to your business in the long-term. It provides accuracy and transparency in its manner of functioning. It assures efficiency and efficacy with cost-effective delivery of services. It reduces risks and ensures accurate tax filing so that there are no penalties or fines.


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