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Payroll Processing Companies Operational in Delhi

There are several payroll processing companies in Delhi. However, before we shortlist the major companies, let us understand the concept of payroll.


Payroll refers to the total amount of money that employers pay to their employees. It is a business function which includes calculating wages, tracking working hours, calculating taxes and other deductions, issuing pay slips and making tax payment to the income tax department of the government.

Payroll processing companies in Delhi are firms which specialize in the execution of the payroll function of a business organization. Their main objective is to ensure delivery of pay to the employees as per the schedule with accuracy ensuring legal compliance. In this manner, they ensure smooth handling of the payroll function.

Key Duties of a Payroll Processing Company

  • Tracking the working hours and marking attendance of the employees

  • Ensuring all statutory compliance

  • Making accurate deductions from the payroll 

  • On-time delivery of pay to the employees’ account

Payroll processing companies in Delhi are in great demand especially in today’s competitive business environment. The business scenario functional at the backdrop of the pandemic Covid-19 is constantly changing and establishing new norms of working every other day. In such a dynamic scenario, it becomes extremely stressful to execute the payroll function in-house. Therefore, most of the corporate and SMEs are opting to outsource their payroll function. The payroll processing companies which handle the payroll function of business houses ensure to execute it with accuracy and transparency. Most importantly, the corporates enjoy hassle free handling of the payroll and can devote time and money towards accomplishing their business goals. 

Payroll processing companies in Delhi have a proficient team working along with accountants and experts which ensure complete security of data along with efficiency and accuracy. Also, the compliance of Central and State laws is strictly adhered to by the payroll processing companies.

There are several payroll processing companies operational in Delhi

  • Esperto Payroll Solutions Private Limited

  • EasySource India Private Limited

  • Mme Payroll Services 

  • Payroll Outsourcing India

  • Payroll Software India

  • Marvy Outsourcing

Now, you have gone through the benefits and the numerous payroll processing companies functional in Delhi. You can easily select the company of your choice based on your budget and the performance of the payroll processing company in the market.

One of the most recognized payroll processing companies operational in Delhi is EasySource India. It is recognized for delivering services with complete client satisfaction. Its client testimonials vouch for the outstanding services delivered by EasySource India especially in the payroll domain. Indeed, you would be curious to know more about the salient features of EasySource India.

  • It provides a Self Service Portal for the employees of the company. 

  • It has a dedicated mobile application for capturing real-time attendance and giving approvals. 

  • It has a comprehensive team of accountants, tax consultants, and labour law experts to guide their clients.

  • It provides real-time data backup.

  • It ensures complete data security.

  • It offers services at competitive rates at par with the industry norms.

  • It offers 24x7 help desk support and quick customized report preparation.

After having a cursory glance at the significant features of EasySource India, you would indeed be instigated to contact them. EasySource India has its office in Delhi at Rajindra Place. 

However, before you select the payroll processing company, you need to be careful of the following parameters:

  • Check the availability of your budget

  • Validate the performance of the payroll processing company in the market

  • Cross-check the prices of the various payroll processing companies in the market


It is extremely essential to select the right payroll processing company. This will ensure the smooth functioning of your payroll business function. Moreover, the right payroll processing company will ensure the growth of your business venture as well in the long-term. Also, in the Covid-19 business scenario, outsourcing your payroll function will leave you with ample scope to focus on the functioning of your business. Remember choosing the right payroll processing company will result in a mutual beneficial relationship and will certainly ensure the success of your business venture as well. So, what are you waiting for! Contact EasySource India and make the right choice for your business.

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