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People Management: What Makes a Person Hirable?

The first thing to remember about people management is the onus of responsibility rests squarely on the skills and qualifications of the hiring manager in selecting good people to fill the role. Hiring managers need to have the skills to not only find quality candidates out of the many applicants but also need to be able to discern the right qualities among those interviewed for the qualities that make them hirable for the given role. Having hirable people depends on their qualifications, your company’s budget, hiring and labor laws, and company culture.

With all this in mind, the fit between the duties of the job offered and the candidate is very important. Here are some qualities that make a person a good fit for your business.

What Makes a Person Hirable?

The qualities that make a person hireable consists not only of past education and job experience but also certain character traits that include:

  • Ability to think independently
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Understanding the importance of teamwork
  • Goal oriented
  • Creativity
  • Definitive career path
  • Can-do attitude
  • Ability to take direction in a constructive manner
  • Parlay strengths and experience to meet company goals
  • Education and certification

The ABCs of Hireability

Equally important with respect to hireability is attitude, business orientation, and understandability.

To better manage people, it is necessary to review the duties of the jobs offered before hiring begins. Many business owners ignore the importance of refining job descriptions before they advertise for an opening. Articulate the job description so that it projects room for advancement and also job growth.

Select job duties that require the most responsibility and capitalize on the benefits of stellar job performance as it relates to the job as a whole. In this way, advertising for job openings draws the most qualified people and saves interviewing time and further orientation.

Meet the Job Applicants

The trend for online interviewing has grown in popularity. Keep in mind that a video interview should not replace in-person interviews. Video interviews can easily be pre-rehearsed and omit key details a hiring manager needs to know.

Although video interviews can be helpful for the first or the second interview, ideally the hiring manager needs to observe the applicant in person to assess the nuances, facial expressions, tone of voice, and attitude that may be somewhat obscured in a video.

What Really Makes a Person Hirable?

What really makes a person hirable has to do with the chemistry that is projected during an interview. For example, take note of the use of words and change of tone by the job applicant when responding to a variety of questions ranging from professional to personal topics.

If the job requires communicating with customers, the ability to project affability and have understandable verbal exchanges is essential. In jobs where the duties are largely hands-on, the overall demeanor and attitude should focus on responsibility and the ability to produce quality as well as quantity. If you are hiring someone to be a facility manager, knowing that they have facility management training is important to know.

The axiom "First Impressions are Lasting Impressions" holds true for hiring managers. Before the job applicant settles into interview mode, the chemistry between the hiring manager and job applicant should be paid attention to closely.

Resumes and Hireability

While resumes are an essential part of hiring new candidates for a job, they are not always as concise and may leave out significant past job experience. That which a company considers important may not be included in a resume. There are a bunch of different ways that applicants are taught to prepare job descriptions, so the hiring manager can likely squeeze out additional experience by asking the right questions. Resumes should not be the final basis for hiring. They should be considered a reference guide from which hiring managers base interview questions.

What makes a person hirable is the ability to prove their qualifications and to show an eagerness and willingness for their work. This will add value to the future of their career as well as for that of the business they hope will offer them an advantageous position.

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