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Perfect Prams for Perfect Parents: 6 Best Prams

Perfect Prams for Perfect Parents 2

Over the last couple of years, there has been an unprecedented rise in interest on prams, pushers, strollers, and just about any other baby-mobile kits. It’s almost a crazy frenzy as new and old parents search the most fitting kits for their kids.

With so many products in the market calling for attention, it’s a daunting task trying to pick the most suitable. There are so many factors to put into consideration, including size, age of the child, and even cost. In this guide, we’ve put together a list of perfect parents for outstanding parents like you! Let’s get down to it.


Stokke Trailz Terrain and carrycot

For new and old parents alike, the Stokke Trailz presents a good option and stands out for two things in particular: it’s an all-terrain pushchair and has several adjustable elements. A comfortable seat further ensures that your baby enjoys a smooth ride all along. Although it’s relatively bulky, it’s still easy to fold away and has a sassy look from the intuitive design.


Mutsy Nexo stroller

The Nexo, made by Mutsy attempts to strike a balance by offering several capabilities into one style stroller. The company affirms that it is meant to give a sense of luxury that comes with an adjustable pushchair while maintaining the convenience and bold handling of a buggy. Babyhood prams are always a key consideration and this one delivers a good option.

The Nexo is also made with a firm backrest that can recline fully and the little one can comfortably take a nap while on the move. The leg rest, as well as height and the handlebar, are all adjustable for a smooth, comfy ride.


Mountain Buggy Nano Duo

One of the most outstanding explanations of the Mountain Buggy Nano Duo is super maneuverability! What sets it apart, to begin with, is its double seat, meaning you can flexibly transport a pair of twins on one push. That’s awesome in many ways.

Interestingly, although this is a double pushchair, it’s not unnecessarily wide, but rather maintains a considerable width. Under each seat are small baskets in which you can throw milk bottles for each kid.

The rear wheels come in two double sets while the front wheels are a set of two single. They are solid and puncture-proof. They are also great for a ride over hard surfaces.


Bob Revolution Duallie Pro Jogger

The unique selling point of this pusher is an attachment to outdoor activities such as hiking, jogging, running, skating, and just taking a stroll around the neighborhood. It’s poised to have one of the best suspension systems in the market and even a mere look at its massive wheels cements its ability.

The Bob Revolution Duallie Pro Jogger is given three pneumatic tires for ultimate shock absorption. These are relatively huge wheels. The front one measures 12.5” while the rear tires are 16”. The wheels should be inflated from time to time just as bike tires to maintain their shock absorption capability.

A standout characteristic again for the Bob Revolution Duallie Pro Jogger is the handbrake that allows more control and parking. 

This is yet another great choice for moving twins around our children with that are about the same age and size. Each seat can be reclined individually. The sunshade canopies are also built adjust in five different ways giving the occupants complete protection from any direction of the sun.


Bugaboo Fox pushchair

Bugaboo takes lightness and strength very seriously and makes great effort to incorporate these two elements to make some of the most intuitive push cars for kids. The Bugaboo Fox pushchair is made of customizable fabric and a unique carrycot that can be fixed to fit the desires of the parent. However, you need to learn how to work your way around it.

The fox is given large front wheels meant to cover just about any terrain, whether you are strolling the supermarket or walking down a street on a pavement.

Babyzen Yoyo+ pushchair

The Babyzen Yoyo came to the public light first in 2012 and, not surprisingly, it became an instant hit and attracted a huge fan base. It’s most unique market entry point was that it folded into such a small cuddle that could fit in just any space. 

In its period of existence, it has undergone several improvements and it is now one of the best for children from birth, courtesy of a baby nest. You can attach a 0+ group car seat makes it truly versatile. It’s built on a solid chassis that handles easily with good integration of all parts whether fixed or flexible.



Getting to move around with the kid calls for a higher level of adaptable solutions. With so many options to pick from, it could be a daunting task picking the most appropriate and one that perfectly suits your needs. Look out for elements such as flexibility, weight, size, wheel size, and design among others. With such guidelines in mind, you will be able to shop around more efficiently.

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