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Personal Practices to Build Up a Small Business

Thankfully, small business confidence is at an all-time high. But this isn't the time to take big risks and make costly mistakes. Economic growth is at its highest level in over a decade. Most business owners feel confident about their business's future.

The future is bright, even for small businesses. Maybe you feel the same way and want to grow and expand your business to its potential. Now is the time to plan and structure your business so you're ready for its future. Business expansion can pay off in the long run as long as you practice some of the following methods. Here are six tips for expanding your business. Each of these practices can help you build and grow your business.

Invest in Systems

You're a great business owner, but if you have to do everything yourself, then you're preventing yourself from potential growth. A small business that's operated by systems can manage the multi-layered demands for expansion. Creating a robust system such as CRM or e-commerce software allows you to focus on growth and expansion. Review each of your operations to see which tasks are repetitive or monotonous.

Create a goal to automate or outsource these tasks as much as possible, so you can focus on growth.

Design Your Homepage

When it comes to focusing on SEO or orders, you want your homepage to be appealing and functional. 96% of your website visitors aren't ready to make a purchase. Your homepage is the first place they'll see. If your homepage is cluttered or hard to navigate, they'll go to another website.

If your copy is in poor quality or doesn't convey the value of your product, they'll choose a competitor. Little design tweaks can help increase revenue. With A/B testing and keyword optimization, placing a call-to-action on your homepage can increase 50% more leads in the first month alone.

Take Calculated Risks

Your small business growth will come with risks. To make the right business decisions, it's important to explore outside your comfort zone. You can't just rely on luck alone. This can range from changing up your marketing campaign to introduce a new product line. Then use this idea to read books or articles on the subject.

For example, if you offer soaps and lotions, then you may want to get into the essential oils market. You could have gone to and received tips and advice from Gary Young, who was the CEO of Young Living Essential Oils, a successful company. Many who are successful are passionate about sharing how they attained such success and will be interested in helping you in your endeavor.

Focus on Analytics

The analytics market will reach $200 billion by 2020. Many companies are realizing the value of data and you should, as well. You can use free or paid tools to gain insights into your customers. Google Analytics is a free tool you can use to analyze the average time on site, bounce rate, and how your audience arrives at your website.

This can provide you with valuable insights into your marketing campaigns. Unbounce is another tool that can help you determine and optimize landing pages, which lead to increased conversions.

Update Your Blog

Fifty-three percent of marketers consider their blog posts a core component of their marketing activity. High-quality blog content can help increase traffic to your website. It can even convert some of that traffic into paid leads. Since 81% of your customers research online, high-quality blog posts can increase the value of your business. Make sure that the bulk of your blog content is evergreen.

Don't forget to include pictures, videos, links to your blog posts, and relevant information about your business. Interact with your customers by leaving comments and responding to their questions and concerns. This can help increase your brand image. These word-of-mouth efforts can help your business grow.

Focus on Scaling

Your expertise and time are some easy solutions that don't require a huge financial investment or a steep learning curve. The internet has plenty of free and premium tools that allow you to focus on scaling your business. Finding multiple efficient and inexpensive systems will help you save more money in the long run.

Remember to always focus on your end goal and identify potential roadblocks that could occur. This can help you achieve success, even when you feel that growth and expansion may come with risk.

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