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Persuading Employees to Wear Id Badges

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Giving your employees id badges is a great way to implement professionalism and, at the same time, enhance security. 

However, convincing employees to keep those badges on them at all times can be a difficult task. 

There are two options with the help of which you can handle the situation. One would be to enforce strict regulations, and the other could be to convince employees to wear them. We suggest you go with the latter. 

You can persuade your employees by telling them about the advantages of ID cards.

Visual identification 

Tell your employees that their badges represent not only the company but also them. It helps a customer, who comes in with a concern, to talk to the relevant staff about their problem. The photograph, their name and their title on the ID card help customers identify them.  

Identified as a part of your company

The custom ID card, which has the company's logo on it, sets the employees apart in the herd of people. They are recognized and respected for being a part of your company. They will be regarded as an employee of your company and given due respect whenever they talk to someone. 

Security of the company 

Make them understand that the ID badges help maintain the security of the company. If they have badges on and someone without a badge tries to enter the premises, they will stand out and be easily caught by the security team. The id badges also help the company keep track of where the employees are at any given moment. Hence in a situation like a fire or an earthquake, they can be easily tracked, and the badges can also help reveal important information the emergency personal might need. 

Added benefits 

The employees can be offered benefits in certain places, such as discounts or offers in shops, clubs or restaurants. However, they would only be able to avail those benefits if they show their id badges. This would identify them as employees to your company and adds value to the cards they carry. These way things won't feel forced. The employees will be happy to comply with wearing badges all day.


With swiping of cards, the employees can easily help keep the company track of their working hours. This way, there would be full transparency. No employee would have to depend on their manager's report to tell if they attended their total hours or not. It will break the superiority pedigree between a manager and their team. 

These benefits should convince the employees that id card is not only for the company but also for them. 

However, if it does not, then enforcing them to wear the id cards by releasing strict policies is the only way.  Don't be too uptight about the system and let the employee adjust to the changes. At the start, it can be a hassle as they aren't used to that. But over time, they will become used to it, and it will come to them naturally. 

However, if any employee still refuses to follow, then the best way to do is by warning and then by a punishment. 


Sometimes there is no other way. Although we feel that you won't have to do so and the employees seeing the reason for voice will comply with wearing the badges. 


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