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How to Get Rid of Bugs in Your Home?

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If insects appear in the house, this always causes a lot of trouble. Especially if it's bed bugs. This type of insect is active at night, they regale on human blood and leave marks on the body, which are then combed. The ways of the appearance of bedbugs in the house are different. They could get to you from neighbors if they had recently been harassing with old furniture and appliances, as well as “arriving” on clothes or in the clothes of visitors to your home. 

Ticks especially often appear in the house after long trips; they “come” to one of the family’s shuttles. Individuals multiply quite quickly and populate all secluded places in the room. The fight against bedbugs must begin immediately after their discovery. If you can’t cope on your own, it is best to call the bug extermination service like شركة مكافحة حشرات بالرياض. Professional disinfectors will solve the problem quickly and smoothly.

However, in addition to the professional destruction of bugs, there are a number of proven methods that homeowners can use on their own. 

Ways to  poison  bugs

Chemicals  Available in the form of aerosols, powders, solutions. They are considered effective against insects at all stages of their development. Chemical means to process the location of bugs and the ways they move. Substances have varying degrees of activity. Some of them retain the effect for 6-12 months.

Folk remedies. Show high efficiency in the fight against bedbugs. Among the popular folk remedies, vinegar, turpentine should be highlighted. It should be noted that these products have a pungent odor and can be no less harmful to human and animal health than chemicals. Therefore, after carrying out treatment from bugs, it is recommended to perform a thorough wet cleaning.

Plants. This is perhaps the least dangerous to humans means of controlling bugs. But, unfortunately, and least effective. Their action is not reduced to the destruction of insects, but to scare them away. To prevent the appearance of bugs in the house, such plants are used: valerian, wormwood, chamomile, tea tree oil.

Safety rules when processing a room from bugs:

  • Remove residents from the treated premises for several days, especially for small children and animals.
  • If chemicals are used, you must strictly follow the instructions.
  • Be sure to open the windows and windows.
  • Wear protective clothing and a respirator during work.
  • After disinfestation, you need to thoroughly wash the room, ventilate, and the people who performed the treatment, take a shower, rinse your nose and mouth.


So that the problem with bedbugs does not become your headache for many years, you need to carry out regular preventive measures. Prevention includes:

  • A thorough inspection of all things and furniture that are brought into the apartment, checking luggage after staying outside the house.
  • Proper and regular cleaning of the apartment.
  • Closing ventilation slots, openings.
  • Conducting timely repair of the apartment.
  • Use of bug repellents if insects are found in the neighborhood.

Final Words

If you want to get rid of bugs or pests in your home then calling a professional service like شركة مكافحة النمل الابيض بالرياض. So, call it right away before its too late.

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