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Pest Prevention Tips: Keep Your Home Healthy And Pest-Free!

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Having pests at your place is one of the most horrible thoughts of every homeowner. Pests not only affect the interiors and structure of your place but also contaminates the environment which can have negative effects on the health of the people living in the house. As we all know that prevention is better than cure and it’s time that we follow it because avoiding pests at your place is the worst you can do to your loved ones.

It's’ good to prevent pests because you won’t release when these tiny unwanted guests can make your home their home in no time. And if the situation has run out of your hands then you can take professional help for home pest control in St. Lucie County. For all those who want to provide the people living in their house a healthy and pest-free environment then read on how you can prevent and cure pests.

Top Tips To Prevent Pests

Home is a place meant to be safe for the people living inside it but pests can ruin this thing for you and it's best if we close all the possible ways for these pests to enter our healthy environment. Here are a few prevention tips you can use in the process

  1. Pests especially love leftovers, so make sure you keep all the food sealed in airtight containers or cover with rubber lids.
  2. Keep the dustbin tightly closed and make sure you dump the garbage every day. Keeping garbage is the biggest threat to invite pests to your home.
  3. Do a thorough inspection of your place if there are any open holes from the walls, foundation, vents or door then you need to close them soonest. Otherwise, these holes welcome termites, rats, roaches and other pests.
  4. Look if there are any trees or branches very close to any entryway of your place. If there are any then trim them off otherwise pests can enter your place from there.
  5. Fix any leaking faucets, pipes or appliances because standing water can be a reason for pests to enter your place because these tiny creates are always in search of food and water.
  6. Make sure you do proper dusting of your house because food buildups on the countertops, dining tables or other places on your home can invite pests.
  7. See if your windows have a screen and storm door so that fresh air can enter your place and you don’t have to worry about pests.
  8. Termites and beetles love woods so if there are any scraped wood at your place, make sure that you furnish it.
  9. The pests look for warm places to stay so keep your home clutter-free. The less clutter you have, the less chance of pests to stay at your home.
  10. Use pest control products such as sprays, zappers to prevent pests and control the problem before it begins.
  11. Vacuum your home every day to maintain the hygiene level.
  12. Store firewood away from your place, about 20 feet away because woods provide a warm atmosphere to the pests. And if you still spot pests then you should go for professional help for home pest control in St. Lucie County. Before that, you can try some DIY ideas if you are handy with such an idea.

DIY Ideas To Get Rid Of Pests

  • Mint-Garlic Spray - Blend Mint and Garlic and add some cayenne pepper and few drops of dishwashing liquid. Spray it outside of your home to avoid pests in your garden
  • Coffee Grounds - Use recycled coffee grounds to get rid of pests because they don’t like coffee.
  • Borax And Sugar For Ants - Mix half a cup of sugar, a cup of warm water and two tablespoons of borax to kill ants.
  • Dust Mite Oil Repellent - Mix clover, lavender, eucalyptus or peppermint oil in a spray bottle full of water and spray it in your house.
  • Hot Pepper Spray - Another solution to remove pests from your garden is - mix three tablespoons of hot pepper and a gallon of water, cook it slowly for 15 minutes and let it rest for 24 hours and after that add a few drops of liquid dishwasher and spray the mixture in your garden area.
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