Pets Are Your Responsibility: Give Them The Best Of Everything


Dogs are said to be a man's best friend. They are not only faithful but extremely trustworthy pets too. Spending time with your pets does amazing benefits to the well-being of a person. They become a source of constant entertainment.

Dog owners are very lucky as owning a dog helps in the welfare of the physical well-being of a person and emotional well-being. You may not be aware of it, but a percentage of people who own dogs are said to be much happier than those who do not own a dog.

They make their owners healthier, happier and help a lot to cope up with a crisis. You must have read it in stories and magazines that how dogs protect their masters. Well, it is very true. Dogs love their owners much more than any person could ever do.

They tend to save the life of their owner even if their life is at stake. But, to gain this kind of relationship with your dog, you must give unconditional love and care to the pet. All they require is some time and attention to feel loved by their owners.

Benefits of owning a dog:

If you own a dog, they would never let you feel alone or lonely. They are one of the liveliest pets that you can ever have. Are you aware that having a dog as a pet can help you live a longer life than the usual life span? Here are a few points of benefit mentioned below:

Ø  Dog owners have great responses to stress, and their blood pressure level is always normal.

Ø  Having a dog as a pet reduces the risk of death through heart attacks too. As you must be aware that owning a dog reduces stress that is the reason why they have a very less risk of death due to cardiovascular diseases.

Ø  They ease your worries and help you in relaxation. They help you become physically fit by making you run all over the place while playing with them.

Ø  While walking with the dogs, dog owners spend around 300 minutes every week. The presence of a dog in a person's life makes it more attractive not only by personality but virtually too.

Ø  People who own dogs as pets are more likable and attractive to other people compared to those who do not. People who own dogs are much more approachable compared to those who do not.

As pets are important for your wellbeing, in the same way, you should be aware of the needs of your dog too. Like the homo sapiens require food, clothes, and shelter to live, in the same way even your pet dogs require proper nutritious food, a shelter that is big enough for it to sleep, and during winters some clothes to cover their body.

There are various dog foods available in the market that come in different kinds of flavours and different nutrition balances. You can get the one that suits them best to your dog. Well, when you talk about shelter, dogs live in kennels either with wireless fencing or without wireless fencing.

With the end number of fencing options out there, you must be thinking about where to start from. As you read above that, there are wired dog fences and wireless dog fences. Each of them has its own pros and cons. Both are extremely good and safe for your beloved pet dog. Most of the time, people are confused about which one to install. Here, you will be reading about the advantages and disadvantages of wireless vs wired electric dog fence.

Advantages of having a wireless dog fence:

Ø  On getting a wireless dog fence, installing is like a breeze. The things that you require to do is pluck the transmitter in, the containment circle has a scale of different sizes, you need to set the size, the flag should be planted, and the collar should be put around the neck of the dog. Then you can train the dog as you wish to without any hesitation or problems. Did you see how easily it works?

Ø  Another feature that is appreciated is that of portability. You can carry the fence with you even if you are going for camping. It can even be shifted from one residence to another if you are moving away. It is very simple; all you need to do is carry it to your new home and just get it plugged in.

Disadvantages of wireless dog fence:

The wireless dog fence can even fail because of many different reasons. The factors that are included are:

Ø  Any sloping in your yard or hills

Ø  A roof that is made out of metal

Ø  Stucco siding

Ø  A large number of trees

Ø  Your containment area having any object made out of metal

If any of these factors are present, then the wireless dog fence is not recommended. This will result in either your dog getting out or the collar giving shock to your dog when it is not required.

The perimeter area cannot be customized as the containment area is available in the form of a circle. The center of the containment area is the place where the transmitter is placed. This means that only your front yard or backyard cannot be contained.

Advantages of a wired dog fence:

Ø  You can customize the borders easily. Wherever the dog’s fence wire is placed, it becomes the perimeter.

Ø  Wired dog fences are highly reliable, and nothing can beat their reliability. Everything that leads to the throwing off of a wireless fence does not cause any effect on the wired fences.

A wireless dog fence is much easier to install as compared to the wired ones, but the wired dog fences are very reliable, even much more than the wireless one. A wired system needs to be chosen if there are ¾ of an acre of land needs to be covered. Installing of wired dog fence is more difficult as compared to wireless ones.

You must always have a complete circuit, no matter whichever layout you use to cover your wire. The wire should be buried around 3-4 inches deep for proper earthing of the wires. You can use a trencher to do so and then insert the word into the groove that you have cut on the soil and cover it with dirt.