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Pg Or Rented Apartment- What Type Of Housing Options Are Best For Students?

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When people leave their sweet homes in pursuit of their careers, or to make a life of their own, finding a place to stay becomes an important choice. For most people, it becomes a debate between a PG and a rented apartment.

First, let’s get to the basic difference between both the accommodation types. A rented flat is basically space (it could be fully or semi-furnished or completely unfurnished) leased to a person against a decided rent amount. In most cases, the person has the entire space that has been rented, to themselves. Whereas, a PG is a place where a person typically pays for sharing space and is usually provided with food and basic amenities. For instance, if a person is moving to a tech city say, Noida, there are some amazing pieces of property that fit into the tag of best PG in Noida. But, people usually tend to go for PGs instead of rented spaces because the supply in hilly regions is comparatively less than that of metropolitan cities and so renting standalone places costs more.

Here are some recommendations on what you should keep in mind when choosing between a PG, or a rented apartment.

  • Living Expense: In a PG you typically pay lesser rent than a flat as the former is mostly more spacious and hence costlier.  Moreover, a flat is favored by families while individuals incline towards paying guest accommodation as the expense is divided when we live with roommates. But if you are looking for an option that is within your budget, is spacious and well-designed, and provides a host of amenities for daily living needs, you should go for a managed accommodation. These are somewhat like a branded, professionally-managed PG-style accommodation space where your daily lifestyle requirements are bundled in the rent package.
  • Social security: If you are alone in the city, then it is advisable to live in a PG, as in the event of a crisis, you will be in safe hands. Likewise, you won’t need to worry about completing household chores all by yourself, as the daily tasks or responsibilities can get divided amongst the housemates.  Hence, you will have more energy and time for your studies and other things you want to do, making life easier and more fun. 

Facilities: In a branded PG or high-quality managed accommodation, you can avail essential facilities like A.C., fridge, television, filtered-water, beds with mattresses, power backups, and much more. This implies you don't need to burn through cash on buying these things. In a flat, you might need to buy not only the furnishings but considerably more stuff like appliances, etc to manage your living needs.

  • Food: Most PGs provide you breakfast and supper which implies there will be no issue of managing cleaning and cooking by yourself. In a flat, you will need to either employ a cook or spare time for cooking and this will build on to your monthly costs while leaving you with lesser time and energy for yourself.
  • Taking care of Bills: If you are residing in a PG like Stanza Living, you don't need to stress over utility bills. They are already factored in the rent amount. But if you are residing in a flat, you need to cover your costs/bills of everything by yourself and also need to ensure that you track your bills in a timely manner to avoid any penalty.

So, these are some of the points that one should keep in mind while selecting accommodation for themselves, as these will help you make a wise decision.

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