4+1 Tips To Design An Amazing Photography Logo

Photography Logo Designing Tips

Many of us look at photography as a mere hobby but, few of us actually have the courage of starting a photography business. If you are one among those who believe, running a photography business is easy, you might want to rethink. Because only 40% of total photography business survive the first year. Inability to draw audience attention or not able to convert them into customers are some major reasons of business downfall.

If you are able to grab your audience attention, your business can grow rapidly. The company logo is the first impression that you should start working upon. Majority of people judge the company by its logo and especially when you are in the creative industry. So, making an optimized and attention-grabbing logo can do wonders for you. This article will help you to come across some amazing photography logo designing tips.

Research Your Audience

The first and the most important thing to start with is to research your target audience. We all know photography can be done for a multiple niches. For instance, you can be either wedding, travel or wildlife photographer. Knowing the choice of your target audience is really important. This will help you to learn about their taste and create a logo design that goes in the sink with it. Decide which group of audience will buy your photography service the most. Once you are well focused and clear about your audience, the whole process will becomes easier for you. Knowing the choice of your target audience into consideration is really important.

Be Unique

Making just another business logo is what you should not do at all. Also, going with those cliche designs that everyone is using is also not a good idea to implement. Take your time to go through your competitor’s logo and play with some unique designs. Your logo should look one of its-own-kind so that people find it attractive. Think like a first time customer who looks at it and tries to judge it accordingly. Remember you can’t keep changing your logo after every two months so, invest some good time in it. You can make use of photography logo designing tools like Canva to make your logo making process easy.

Draw Sketches For Ideas

Draw the unique ideas and patterns that you get for your photography logo designing. The best way to work on logo designing is by drawing sketches on a piece of paper. Look for various possible variations in the design. Try to play with the designs and select two best designs for final selection. Through sketches, you will be easily able to draw exciting new patterns.

Keep The Design Simple

You might get tempted to try many good patterns for your logo but doing so can backfire you. Always lay your emphasis on keeping the designs simple and yet attractive. Your logo should be simple but self-descriptive at the same point. Unnecessary overlapping of lines or designs will make your logo look nothing but crowded and confusing. Simplicity doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the creativity quotient. You just have to imply the rule of keeping it simple yet significant.

Use Negative Space

Negative space is a trick that designers use to create logos. This is the space between two design elements. This is a trick that helps to convey the brand message easily. For instance, if you see logos of some global brands like FedEx, you will find how just the right aligning can make a difference in logo. This shows how spaces between letters or designs can make your logo look good without much design working.

I hope all the above tips helped you to find some amazing tips for making your photography logo designing process easy. In case of any doubt feel free to contact us through the comment section below.  


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