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Photovoltaics and snow – an unfavorable combination!

Photovoltaics are a method of generating electricity from sunlight by means of solar panels. Solar systems on the roof or on the facade of a house are no longer the only alternative for companies and industries. In modern residential areas, it is increasingly common to see photovoltaic roofs on private homes. But how can such a system be useful if it generates its energy from sunlight? After all, half of the year it lies fallow. Misconception: even in low-light conditions, a solar roof generates electricity, and solar panels are constantly being improved, expanding and improving this capability. The only danger in the dark season to PV installations is snow.

Removing snow from photovoltaic installations

Snow removal is especially difficult on a pitched roof. Although snow slides off on its own faster, if it freezes and has to be removed manually, many areas of the roof become difficult to reach. There is no patent-pending means of clearing snow from photovoltaic systems. Many solar system owners even decide to just sit out the snow and wait for it to melt. The important thing here is to have a snow guard installed like rock salt. Rock salt for sale order now.

Otherwise, sliding snow masses can quickly become dangerous! But snow that remains on the ground quickly has a negative effect on the solar system’s output. That’s why many people resort to the use of a special snow pusher for PV or a roof snow blower to free the energy roof from snow. These telescopic poles can extend up to 5 m and thus provide a sufficiently comfortable clearing of snow from the flat plate collector.

To prevent snow from sliding off the roof of the house, you need to install steel snow guards. They will help keep snow from falling on your head.

Calculate the snow load of a photovoltaic system

It is also possible to use the energy of the system to heat it and thus melt the snow using solar panels. However, this only makes sense if the additional yield increases accordingly after the PV system is cleared of snow. Snow removal from PV installations on flat roofs is an easier task because flat roofs are mostly walkable. A telescopic snow blower can be used here with no problem. Such devices can be purchased at prices starting at 80 euros in online stores, as well as in specialized stores.

However, especially for a flat roof, it is important to keep a close eye on the depth of snow or snow load on the equipment. This is because the systems can only withstand a certain snow load without endangering the solar panels. In order to be able to calculate the possible snow loads and take them into account when planning the solar system, USA is divided into four snow zones. These values must be taken into account by the specialist when planning the system.

Photovoltaics and snow: A challenge for the professional

Clearing snow from a PV system doesn’t seem like such a daunting task, regardless of the roof angle and system orientation. But be careful: Before you climb on the roof yourself without securing it, hire a roofer and have him remove the snow. Roofers have fall protection so they can do the job reliably.

Snow in the winter can significantly affect the efficiency as well as the overall condition of the PV system. While snow removal from a flat roof still seems relatively easy, as it is usually free to walk on, the task is much more dangerous on pitched roofs. That’s why you should contact a qualified roofer who will professionally clear your PV system of snow! Don’t forget to keep your roof clean. For your roof to be clean and to last you a long time you need to use a best cordless pressure washer. It will do the job perfectly.

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