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PHP outsourcing rates in 2021

2021 has brought rapid growth to the IT industry and outsourcing companies often lack personnel to embody numerous orders they get. Entrepreneurs seeing that often struggle to make their choice. This article aims to help them. 

Top 5 countries for outsourcing in 2021

Outsourcing is an effective tool to enhance your project’s cost-effectiveness and reduce the amount of working stress you are getting while investing your time and budget in web development. What are the criteria of the ideal outsourcing countries then?

  • Educated specialists
  • Comparatively low GDP that allows saving money on wages expenses
  • Suitable geographical position for better communication

Obviously, the choice should be between the countries with developing economies, but decent educational infrastructure.


India has great php outsourcing potential. First of all, it’s huge and has lots of specialists. Unfortunately, not all of them can cope with advanced projects. But the size of this market itself and the low wage expenses it provides makes us put India on the list of the best countries for outsourcing.


  • Huge market
  • English-speaking population
  • GDP PPP per capita is about 1500$, which ensures low wages of about 20-40$ per hour


  • Is bad at dealing with complicated projects
  • Not the best geographical position


The highest population in the world, combined with the country's high industrialization is a great combination of qualities. Chinese specialists are famous for being workaholics, however, they often have issues with communication. 


  • Great technical education
  • An enormous amount of developers


  • Mobility issues
  • Internet restrictions
  • Communication issues 


Poland has one of the strongest soft-developing markets in the world with thousands of gifted specialists. It is also a part of the EU, thus easy to communicate with.


  • High literacy rate and English proficiency
  • The EU membership, great geographical position


  • High GDP, higher salaries than competitors


Ukraine’s IT industry grows by 27-28% yearly. An advantageous geographical position near the EU with only 1 hour of difference with the EU and 2 hours of difference with the UK is a great advantage. Ukrainians are visa-free for the European Union and Canada. Ukrainian specialists usually get 20-50$ per hour, depending on tasks and developers’ proficiency.


  • Strong IT school
  • An advantageous geographical position just near the EU
  • Low GDP PPP per capita - just 3600$ 
  • The best data security specialists in the world


  • Not all the developers in Ukraine have mastered English yet 


While India and China are huge Asian IT hubs, Poland and Ukraine - the two biggest outsourcing hubs in Europe, Brazil is one of the key players in the American market. Latin America is another great outsourcing area and Brazil is one of its best countries. 


  • Suitable time zone for the US and Canada
  • Impressive developers market


  • Lack of experience in complex projects
  • Low English-speaking population rate

Top 3 outsourcing companies in Europe

EPAM Systems

EPAM Systems is an outsourcing company with almost three decades of experience in IT business. It possesses vast expertise in web development. EPAM Systems has development centers in Ukraine, Poland, and several other countries of Eastern Europe This company works with a wide range of human activities including fintech, eCommerce, media, and entertainment.

Future Processing

Future Processing is a very experienced company with twenty years of experience. The company delivers custom software development solutions to numerous market leaders. Its services of course include web development. About 50% of the company's projects are connected with fintech, medical, and supply management solutions. 


Intellectsoft is a great IT center that specializes in the development of IT services. Website development and development of mobile applications. Their expertise covers many industries such as hospitality and leisure, IT, and fintech. The company also has seven development centers in six countries, including Ukraine and Belarus.


2021 keeps previous years’ tendencies of growing IT market and IT hubs throughout the world expanding. Since the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a huge vacuum on the global IT market with thousands of companies rushing to substitute their normal activities with online services the growth was even bigger than during the second decade of the XXI century. Outsourcing remains one of the key tools to enhance your project, make it less stressful and save money on different matters. You can visit to see how a perfect outsourcing company looks like.

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