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Physiotherapist or Doctor- Who should you see first?

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Experts have long been divided on a pertinent question posed by patients suffering from physical pain, injuries, stiffness, mobility issues and related problems. Should they visit doctors first or instead call their physiotherapists? What you should understand here is that doctors will be addressing pathological and medical aspects and prescribing suitable medication for hastening recovery. Physiotherapists will be emphasizing on discovering contributing aspects for the problem while making use of exercises and manual skills for helping patients recover.

Both physiotherapists and doctors can diagnose injuries. So if you have opted for certified physiotherapy at home in Mumbai or any other major city, you may be on the right track. Physiotherapists are often called first contact practitioners with regard to any musculoskeletal issues. You do not require any referrals for directly contacting physiotherapists and getting home diagnosis, treatment and care. This can often be a faster and more effective process than going to a doctor as per experts.

Figuring out the conundrum-

It can be safely said that you may consider opting for a physiotherapy doctor near me at first if you have faced any problem. Physiotherapists will help you with instant diagnosis of physical and musculoskeletal issues while commencing on personalized treatment instantly. Hands-on manual treatments and solutions can be provided by physiotherapists since there is limited scope and viability for doctors to get into the same. Getting physical rehabilitation treatment from trained professionals at home will be a better move for reliving injury symptoms and pain through manual therapy sessions as per your convenience. You will not have to stress about getting doctors’ appointments and visiting hospitals/clinics when you are in pain or facing mobility related problems.

In fact, there can be productive synergies generated from a collaboration of physiotherapists and doctors. Most doctors and physios often collaborate to solve problems of patients suffering from disability or mobility issues. Many doctors refer patients to good physiotherapists for injuries which require specialized expertise and hands-on manual care on a periodic/regular basis. Physiotherapists may also refer patients to doctors if they feel that scans, injections, medication and such treatments are required. Based on the nature of the injury that you face, you can consult both your physiotherapist and doctor in that order. They can also work in tandem for prescribing the best management methods and treatment practices for the injury that you are suffering from. The biggest advantage is that you can get home physiotherapy care by booking your appointment online without needing any formal referral for the same. Also, physiotherapists possess requisite skills for examination, diagnosis and treatment of patients. Also, prescribing exercises is one domain where physiotherapists reign supreme.

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Core Take-Away

You should ideally book a session of physiotherapy online first. Let the professional assess and diagnose the problem before prescribing exercises and other treatments.

Thereafter, if you require medication, scans, injections and other medical procedures, you can always consult your doctor. In fact, both your physiotherapist and doctor may collaborate as well for helping you recover faster from your injuries/mobility issues.

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