Physiotherapists in Kolkata Help You Fight Mental Depression

Our health and wellbeing is not just limited to our physical condition alone. But it also encircles our mind. In this age of unbelievable advancement of technology, the condition or the health of human mind in general is steadily going down. This fact exhibits itself from the rampant cases of mental depression all over the world including Kolkata.

If you, or anyone among your near and dear ones, too are a victim to this ever-growing problem please go through the following paragraphs. One of the best physiotherapists in Kolkata will share his experiences to help you out of the problem.

Depression – what is it?
It is a sort of mood disorder, which results in making you feel despondent and dejected. You constantly have this feeling of misery when you suffer from depression and this state or feeling of prolonged sadness makes you suffer from discouragement and heavy heartedness.

Are there any symptoms of this mental illness?
Yes, certainly there’re. Your mind will have an overwhelming feeling of sadness and anxiety apart from low energy level, constant fatigue, irritability and restlessness. All these factors will work together to make it difficult for you in almost every kind of decision-making. You’re also likely to suffer from lack of focus and will complain about nagging headache, cramps, poor digestion and show lack of interest in almost everything. At extreme levels, people nurture suicidal thoughts as well.

In other words, depression is that mental condition, which drives a person into a world of never-ending despair, distress, loneliness and pain.

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What is the cure to the problem?
The conventional treatment to the mental condition includes psychological counselling or psychotherapy. In severe cases, calculated dosages of electric shock are administered on a patient. Recently, physiotherapy is doing a great job to resolve such cases.

According to a top-notch physiotherapist in south Kolkata, physiotherapy works to improve muscle strength and flexibility. It also caters to your cardiovascular endurance, helping you maintain the right body weight and the body mass index.

All these factors improve your blood circulation in the body. As a result, greater amount of oxygen and nutrient reach into your body cells. These improve your mood regulation, which in turn keeps your depressed thoughts away from you.

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