Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Pick the Right Luxury Yacht In Dubai for a Memorable Experience

Sailing is amongst the popular adventure activities that find a place in many avid travellers’ wish list. Dubai is one of the top yachting destinations across the globe that has created a niche for itself in the marine world map. Along with other luxury yacht rental destinations in the world, Dubai is also seeing a tremendous rise in the variety and number of yachting service providers in the industry. Aiming to meet the growing demand for yachters and sailors in the market for a memorable experience, this emirate of the United Arab Emirates is putting a lot of effort. However, to find the right yacht for a fantastic experience, you will first need a basic knowledge about the industry and yachts.

 Here we provide you with the main classifications of yachts:

 Types of Luxury Yachts for Sale

There are either sailing yachts, motor yacht, or gulet yacht, or even sports or luxury yachts. 

      Sailing Yachts

Sail yachts have originated from sailboats. These are mostly propelled by wind power with the use of a sail. Its traditional sail style makes it the most popular choice for natural sailing enthusiasts. However, usually, vessels bear low power combustion engines for extra support. Sailing yachts have less interior volume but are equipped with spacious accommodation, amazing crew services, and luxury living amenities.

       Motor Yachts

These are majorly available forms of yachts. They are based on the propulsion system that uses one or more motors. Available in various shapes and sizes, motor yachts boast an ample onboard area. Motor yachts have become very popular with sailors and vacationers due to its contemporary and convenient functioning. They also offer a thrilling experience across the waters. Spaciousness allows these yachts to have wide-range of amenities such as entertainment facilities, swimming pools, etc. One can choose motor yachts based on their accommodation capacity. 

      Gulet/Hybrid Yachts

You can easily understand from the name, gulet or hybrid yachts operate on more than one source of power – both sail and motors. The vessel is operated using hybrid propulsion systems, either using battery or via engine power. Hybrid yachts leave minimal impact on the environment as it enables reduction of carbon footprint. Due to their increased stability, hybrid yachts are found as a perfect sailing vessel for people who are vulnerable to seasickness. 

      Sports Yacht

Equipped with tools for fishing, water sports, or cruising; sports yachts support a sleek design. They run on a powerful motor for faster cruising speeds. All yachts – sailing, motor or hybrid, can be customised to become a sports yacht. 

      Catamaran Yacht

Catamaran yachts have two hulls (pontoons), mostly made of fibreglass that can be used in shallow waters. They were initially used for fishing, but now one can enjoy lovely dinner cruises and sightseeing on them. 

      Dinghy Boats

A dinghy is a small boat, usually 7–12 feet in length. These are mostly used as lifeboats. Can be used for short-distance fun sailing too.

 What are the Different Yacht Sizes Available in the Market?

Yachts can be further categorised as a superyacht or megayacht, depending on their size. 

      Superyachts are typically 24 meters (78 feet) and above.

      Megayachts are typically over 80 meters (260 feet).

      The size of motor yachts on the market is typically around 24 meters (78 feet) or less.  As megayachts are extravagantly priced, hence you won’t find too many mega yachts.

Wrap Up

Above are some of the yacht types available in Dubai for yachting that are based on various functionalities like racing, sporting, hosting private functions, organising luxury events, and fishing. However, there are a few important factors to consider choosing the right yacht type based on your sailing and vacationing needs. Before renting a yacht, identify the purpose of your sailing, decide on your accommodation requirements, water sports and entertainment activities, provisions for the journey, and list down the facilities you need.

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