Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Pitching for Guest Posts to Bloggers

With the intense competition on the Internet today, you need to learn the tricks and tips to help you achieve everything. If you are a newbie at freelance writing, for example, getting your guest post accepted is not something you guess your way through. If you are waiting and hoping for something to work out and get you to the exposure you need, note that you may not achieve what you need in time. Without a strategic approach, your guest post has no much of a chance.

To help you develop popular content, you need a managing editor just like the way earlier traditional media has done for many years. Today, however, the digital editor has evolved into more than handiwork. Pitching alongside reviewing, editing, formatting, and publishing content defines

Read Guidelines

You need to read the guidelines to get an idea of what is needed. To help you start, here are five steps, which are the basic instructions, needed to make the most out of you pitching

  1. Find Guest Post Targets using
  2. Get Your Guest Post Ready
  3. Send Your Pitch
  4. Write Your Guest Post
  5. Follow Up

Form and build a relationship

Beware that your relationship with the editor is extremely critical just like the quality of your writing. If you care about getting your article published, you will need to take relationships seriously.   Show that you care; and you will get anyone to want to read what you have to say. People naturally open emails of those people have made a connection with them first, and those who understand their beat. Those that begin with ‘Dear Journalist’ get deleted immediately.

Address people by their name as much as you can. To do this, you can go to their about page and read through to have a basic understanding of whom you will be contacting. If there is not enough to get here, you can visit their social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter to get their personal information and know what kind of people they are and what ticks for them. There is a lot of personal information from schooling to location here. Ensure that you do not go deep into their issues to make them uncomfortable as you will be seen a stalker. This is the beginning of attracting the attention of another person.

A personalized approach works in many areas outside of pitching. It is the best marketing strategy too so use the most of it while you can. Avoid being self-centered and focus on the interests of the other person. You will soon find that you can make easier progress with a personalized approach in many of your dealings. The importance of a personalized approach in business cannot be over-emphasized.

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