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Places that buy used laptops: A step by step Guide to selling your laptops

Often selling used products scares the sellers whether people might cheat them or get low paid than the product's actual worth.


Same with the buyers too. They fear whether they get a damaged good or cheated for money. 


So, many problems occur when buying and selling used goods. For a perfect resale, you need to put extra efforts and then choose the places that buy used laptops


You can rule out both by following the steps we have mentioned below.


  • Research about your laptop model

The first and foremost step in selling your used laptops is to research them. 


Google about your laptop model, the market value of a brand new one and second hand to draw a rough estimate of how much you can sell it for. 


It depends on the condition of your laptop. Obviously, if it works well, then the value is higher. If not, then the resale value is less. 


Check into websites like Verizon and for iMac and MacBook check for Mac Me an Offer to get a rough estimate. 


  • Choose the platform to sell

While you’re researching, you’ll get an idea of which place to sell. If not, start by deciding whether you need cash or credit or a new one. 


Many reliable places buy your used laptops and return your value either in one of these forms. 


Think and decide the category and then look for the options in it. For example, if you choose to trade-in for a new category, there are many options like Amazon, Apple (if you’ve got an iMac or MacBook), Verizon, eBay and much more. 

Please don’t list it on all the websites; choose either one that offers the best value for you. 


  • List your laptop with a good brief

Once you’ve chosen the platform to sell your used laptop, now list it on the website. 

Writing a good Ad for your laptop is a crucial step in the selling process. So, please pay attention to every detail and include it. 

Some of the tips to write the best listing description are


  1. Write a catchy headline- A pro way is to mention your laptop's best feature in it. 

  2. Describe your laptop features - include brand name, model number, RAM, processor, Storage)

  3. Enlist the best features first -include all the features but the best one at first.  

  4. Include your laptop pictures - the picture must be your own laptop photos and not the stock images. This is where many people make a mistake. Your buyers need to know about your laptop condition. 

  5. Include the shipping information too - courier or buyer needs to pick it up.


Provide your contact information like phone number or mail for filtering to find the potential buyer. Pick the best one. 


  • Inquire the buyer in person

One of the important steps in selling your laptop is to inquire about your buyer in person. 

Although its’ an online sale, you can prefer to check whether the buyer is a legit person. This step is often overlooked. Some buyers in online sites take advantage and make money out of such deals. 

If you can’t meet them in person, talk to them over the phone to find if they’re legit or not. 


  • Prep your laptop for handing over

After you’ve finalized your buyer, prep your laptop for shipping, follow these steps before handing over the laptop to the buyer. 

  1. Backup your important data first and then the rest.

  2. Do a factory reset of your laptop.

  3. Wipe down your laptop with a screen cleaner - ensure no smudges and fingerprints.

  4. Package the laptop with charger and case cover (things you’ve agreed upon)

  5. Pack in a box with bubble wraps and the courier to the correct address (if the courier was your mode of delivery.)


Final Thoughts

Selling your laptop for good value might consume some time and effort, but once you find the right one, it’s all worth it. 


Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes is an student whose experiences in life make her really tougher than anyone else. She can lend you expert tips on diverse topics ranging from relationship to fashion, making money, health and so on. Her write-ups are a window into her thoughts and knowledge.
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