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4 Tips To Plan A Big Wedding Successfully

For couples like you, your wedding will be the biggest party you're going to throw in years. Some couples dream of a small and intimate gathering only with those very closest in their life. But others like to go big on this day, invite all the family and friends they can, and make this truly a wedding to remember. You could be here reading this today because you're that couple that likes to go big or go home. 

Planning a big wedding could be a lot more overwhelming than it already is because there are many more people to account for. It's not like one of those small weddings you can have right in your backyard. You'll need a lot of help, resources, and the like to stay on top of the planning so that your big day turns out to be as grand as you envisioned it to be. 

This post is here to help you folks ease out all those wedding planning blues and make that dream of a grand wedding come true. Keep reading to learn more. 

  1. Look For A Wedding Venue ASAP 

Looking for your wedding venue isn't something you should put off for later, mainly because you need to fit many guests. 'Big' weddings usually mean you're looking at a guest list of about a hundred or more. That, plus the tables, chairs, room to dance, food buffet corner, photo booth, and many more sections in the wedding reception, means you really need a lot of space. 

With that, it's a good decision to say 'I Do' to a wedding venue ASAP, reserve and book it, and make the payment for it. Ensuring your slot means avoiding all the stress of realizing later on you don't have a wedding venue that fits your guest size. 

Wedding venues can be anywhere from hotel function halls, convention centers, barns, and even open spaces like a garden. This last option is the best idea for big weddings, as you'll surely have all the space you need. Your guests won't feel too tight, as they would in a closed room. If this is what you fancy, consider renting clearspan event tents, too, so your wedding day is ready for whatever weather may come your way. 

  1. Set Your Budget 

Next is your budget. You'll have to feed all those guests. Plus, there are loads of suppliers to pay for. And let's not forget your dream wedding gown. These are only a few expenses that must be accounted for in a wedding. The general rule is that the bigger the wedding, the greater the expenses. 

Additionally, a common oversight is the significance of including the purchase of the bride's ring and the groom's Mens Wedding Bands in the financial plan. These rings are not mere accessories for the big day; they are accessories you and your spouse will wear for a lifetime. It's imperative to acknowledge the enduring nature of wedding rings and allocate a substantial budget to procure high-quality rings.

  1. Talk Guest List 

Of course, the guest list. A 'big' wedding is of that size simply because it means there's a long guest list to cover. But even then, a limitation should still be set. Decide on the number, and sit with your partner over who makes it to your guest list. 

The sooner you get this over with, the better. Plus, it helps to set your RSVP date early, so you can have that final number of guests you're expecting to come. Should you have others you wish you could still invite, there will be time to send them an invitation if there are guests who sadly confirm their inability to attend. 

  1. Find A Wedding Planner 

There are many wedding planners in the industry today, each with their respective strengths and weaknesses. How do you know you've found the right one for you? It's that wedding planner who has a shared vision as you do. You're on the same page about what you want for your wedding, and they're not there to change decisions you're set on keeping to make things go your way. 

From the beginning, your wedding planner should help ease the whole planning process for you. Remember, this will be challenging mainly because you intend to have a big wedding. While you want to be a hands-on couple with so many facets of your wedding you could DIY, having a planner is something you'll be very grateful about. 

Tie The Knot In A Grand Celebration 

After you've just gotten engaged, it's normal for couples (the bride, especially) to start running all those Google searches on wedding planning. The excitement is there; indeed, you'll want this to be the best day ever. 

For couples with big families and loads of friends, this also means a wedding with a long guest list. In that case, even more meticulous planning is needed to keep things running smoothly and perfectly. The guide above should give you that head start you may have long needed.

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Syandita Malakar
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