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Plan a special online date for your partner amid this lockdown situation!

Today we have all been pushed and cagged inside our homes due to the ongoing pandemic situation and are hardly left with any choice other than social distancing and self-quarantine. In this most amusing and depressing time, we have all been threatened for life if we lack self-awareness and hygiene standards. Covid-19 situations have now come to it's worst and we now have an alarming rate of affected people in our country. With prevailing lockdowns and halt put on unessential outdoor activities most of us are suffering from the feeling of loneliness and being socially cut off!

But don't worry, with our family by our side and our loved ones supporting us at the times like this we can get back to your normal life with some new adaptations and ideas.


Here we bring to you some very good ideas that are absolutely online and sanitized from the deadly virus. These ideas will make you feel closer to your partner and help you in amending your relationship like never before.

• Online date plans!

With these fascinating online date plans, we bring to you some very exciting ways to interact with your partner. Although these long-term lockdowns have made us all bored and depressed to some extent but trying a totally different and interactive way to communicate with your partner will surely help in healing all the woes.

WhatsApp video calls with a pinch of amusement and love! Yes, you heard that right! We all have been wondering about the days when everything will finally be okay and back to normal. We all miss wearing our favorite outfits and meeting our loved ones, so to fill this loneliness up to some extent we suggest you dress up as beautifully as possible for your online date to bring back the excitement and love in your life. Dressing up well for your partner like before and seeing them over your phone will surely make you blush the same way as before.

• Add your favorite tune to the background and get in the mood of love! Music has a very healing touch that melts your soul and brings out the best-carved memories. We would also suggest you talk over something new and refreshing. Meanwhile, you make your partner feel loved don't forget to tell them how badly you missed these dates and how splendid he/she is looking!

• Arrange a secular place for your date that is away from frequent disturbances to make your online date experience more realistic and lovely.


• Make a handmade card for your partner and write down a short specialized note on it to make your online date turn into a sweet affair!

• You may prepare an edited video with some lovey-dovey songs and cute photos of both of you together.

• Post the screenshot of your video call date with a cute love note on any comfortable media platform cakes to make him/her fall for you all over again and combat these tough times.

•It would be a great idea if you plan a surprise themed date for your partner and decorate the area of your room with some lights and candles to show your love and efforts even during the unfavorable conditions. Some red balloons and flowers will also help to make your online date a realistic one.

•Turn distances in your relationship into love and affection by some online cake delivery in delhi !  Blossoms are the most heartfelt way to express our love for someone. Flowers or blossoms can boost and refresh anyone's mood with their vibrant appearance and captivating fragrance. Look for some very adorable flower bunches of your partner's favorite hues and fragrance. Send flower bouquets to Bangalore or any other city of India with online flower delivery and make him/her feel closer and special to you.

Lockdowns might have canceled and pushed your dates for an indefinite period of time but with advancing technology in the way you still have a convincing way to celebrate your date with corona masked ideas.

•If you and your partner have already got bored with the video call idea then we would suggest you guys go for an online gaming session together! Pick up a multiplayer online game that is fun to play and will make you both feel entertained and happy at the same time.


• You may sing your favorite song together and create a wonderful duet to bring some fun to your relationship.

• Doing a drawing competition together while being on a video call is also a very good idea for dates.


• Having a cooking session together on video calls may also help you overcome stress and feel happier together.

With these ideas, you can turn your online dates to a fun and happy experience together. We hope you won't let the pandemic situation ruin your relationship and the most important of all your health!

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