Planning To Buy A Home? 7 Reasons Why Investing In A Penthouse Is A Good Idea


Penthouse apartments are synonymous with luxury and class. Sitting at the apex and offering many extra perks, penthouse apartments have always been hot property. A few years back, buying a penthouse was a far-fetched dream for many, but now, they have become very accessible. 

If you are looking for homes for sale in Spokane WA, look for a penthouse instead of a regular apartment or townhouse. If you yet aren’t thrilled at the prospect of buying a penthouse, let us tell you why investing in a penthouse is a good idea. 

  • Breathtakingly gorgeous views 

The first reason why anyone would ever consider buying a penthouse is the gorgeous views it offers. Penthouse apartments are located on the top floor of the building and hence, serve as a vantage point for the fantastic views the city has to offer. You get to enjoy unobstructed views of beautiful gardens, the sea, or your town or city. 

Spokane, being one of the most gorgeous cities in the USA, has many delightful offerings for you. Sitting in the balcony or living room of your penthouse, you can savor the treats Spokane has in store for you.  

  • Peace and privacy 

As penthouse apartments are located on the top floor, they offer peace and privacy. The noise of traffic, neighbors stomping on the staircase, and the sound of the elevator system during the peak hours wouldn’t bother you. 

You can relish the beautiful sunrise and sunsets, enjoy the first shower on the terrace, and soak in the sun to get that envious tan without having to worry about your nosy neighbors. 

  • More space

The layout of penthouse apartments is different from the rest of the building. They are often more spacious than the other apartments of the same building. The open outdoor area further gives a feel of having an elaborated space. 

If you have a large family, investing in a penthouse will prove to be a sound decision for you. 

  • Terrace or balcony 

The most appealing perk of having a penthouse is that you get access to a large indoor terrace or balcony. Almost every penthouse comes with a private outdoor area. You can use the area to entertain your guests, spend time with your family, read a book with a coffee, or simply lay down and appreciate the sky embellished with stars.  

  • Aplenty natural light and air 

The location of penthouse apartments doesn’t just provide you unobstructed views of the city, but also offers natural light and air in copious amounts. As penthouses are open from every side, the natural light flooding them makes them look brighter and more spacious. 

Having a penthouse is a viable option for you if you are looking forward to adopting a green lifestyle. With lots of natural light and air, you can do without turning on your lights for most of the day and grow a small garden in the open space. 

  • An upgraded lifestyle 

As already stated, penthouse apartments are always associated with luxury. They come with the most sumptuous features and offer you an upgraded lifestyle which can you flaunt amongst your peers.

  • Higher resale value 

As penthouse apartments are laden with the best perks and features, their resale value is always high. People crave for owning a penthouse, especially in the modern time dictated by space-constriction. 

Hence, if you ever wish to sell your apartment or rent it out, you will always get better returns. 

The bottom line 

Needless to say, living in a penthouse is absolute bliss. So, ditch the idea of buying an independent home or apartment, and look for a beautiful penthouse. Happy Buying!

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