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Planning to Construct a Sports Ground in 2020? Know these Mind-Blowing Hacks

A Chinese wise man once said that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. But what’s actually hidden in this remark is that you are the in-charge of this. You have the potential and vigor to decide whether you want it to be an excursion, an adventure, a sprint, or a rough, bumpy ride. In any case, you will always find ‘life’ standing there to wish you bon voyage. It will hand you over a bunch of pastel colors and unveil the blank canvas spread over 365 days. The more colorful you make it, the happier you shall feel. 

When I look back at 2019, I feel content with the colors we were able to fill in our citizen’s businesses with our expertise and sheer dedication. The conference hall in Jaipur we built became one of the most preferred centers of this kind in the whole country. It was awarded as one of the highest-recommended auditoriums in Jaipur in 2019. For me, it was quite an achievement. 

Recently, I found a great many numbers of mails sitting in my mailbox and asking me about my plans in 2020, what I am looking to achieve in the next year, what are my success secrets, and do I have any kind of advice for budding entrepreneurs who want to step into the world of constructing sports complexes? Well, here is the list of tips I would like to give to the new players in the sports ground market. Just remember that this field is not easy.

1. Parking

You weren’t quite guessing that I would start my list with such a trivial issue, were you? Well, it may seem unimportant at first but when your sports center starts to become popular, you will thank me for this priceless advice. And your members will thank you. 

2. Lighting

Another small issue right? Nope, I disagree. In today’s hectic lifestyle, most of us can’t get time in the morning or during the afternoon to swat it out. In that case, most of your members will be coming at night and that’s when you will need to turn those LED and halogen lamps on.

3. Weather Safety

While other entrepreneurs will tell you about keeping your cost low and making the membership so perfect that you could reap maximum benefits out of that, I would tell you to put your safety measure at the highest. You could lose all the repo in a single day if someone gets hurt due to lightning. 

4. Irrigation and Dining

If you are opting for the natural turf option for your fields then remember, irrigation and draining must be core points in your attention circle. Natural turfs need irrigation on a regular basis and if they dry out due to lack of water, you have a 70% chance to lose your precious turf. 

5. Rules

Have you paid a visit to the municipality office lately? What? No? That’s the biggest mistake you have made. What would you do if they shut your entire sports center down just because a few of your facilities violate the rules and regulations of the local zoning office? What will you do then? So, rise up and go their right away. 

Well, it wasn’t a piece of cake though. The sports facility sector is one such place where changes happen with the speed of light. You can’t cut corners here, and you can’t bum around. Here, in the world of real estate, you got to be out of your comfort pit all the time, hang in there, and be ready to go the extra mile before you hit the hay. 

With great hopes to be 2020 as the most successful year of your life, I wish you good luck with your life. I hope you become one of the best contractors or developers of the decade and your name could be written in golden letters in the world of real estate. 

Vinod Kumar
Vinod Kumar
Hi I am honey sriwas. I am Passionate Content Writer and I love to eat, dance and write.
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