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Plastering Hand Tools and Their Uses

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Plastering is an essential job in house painting and construction.  To complete the plastering on walls and ceilings you require different types of hand tools. These tools help you complete the work faster and make the work easier as well.  There are many different types of plastering hand tools and they have different usages. In this post, we will mention the usage of different plastering hand tools

Plastering Hand Tools

Essential Plastering Hand Tools 

  • Trowel: It is one of the most commonly used and basic hand tools used for plastering. It helps in providing a smooth finish to plaster. To use this tool, you have to place the plaster on its surface and then apply it to the wall while rubbing it across till it turns smooth. You can find different types of trowels as well, like the window trowel or the corner trowel (that helps smooth out the corner plaster). 
  • Snip: If you want a straight or curved cutting on your wall then a snipping tool is used. It can be used to cut low-carbon or rolled steel. It provides you with better traction due to its non-slip feature. Some snips also latch lock that helps you to store them securely. 
  • Plastering Brush: These brushes are used to remove the water from the surface. They can hold large amounts of water than regular brushes. They can also spread the water equally, everywhere, on the surface. You can get them in different widths. These brushes can also remove blisters from plasters.
  • Plastering Spatula: You can use it on floors, walls, and ceilings. They are very lightweight and that’s what makes them excellent and one of the most reliable plastering hand tools. You can smooth edges, corners, and curves using them. 

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  • Float: This tool is used to remove trowel marks from surfaces. You can also use it to fill the holes on the walls. It is made using sponge, plastic, or rubber. It allows you to cover a large surface in a few strokes. 
  • Hawk: It helps in giving a smooth finish to plaster walls. It allows the plaster and mortar to hold and it is made in a way that material does not slip on the floor. 
  • Multi-Tool: It is another widely used plastering hand tools. It is loved by construction workers because of its versatility. I own a multi-tool you don’t need a notched rod, a level, a square, and a trowel. It can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people and it has a rotating handle. 
  • Floor Screed: It helps in leveling the material of the flooring. It is used to make sure that no air pockets are formed on the floor as they can crack the floor. 
  • Putty Knife: It is a lightweight tool made using stainless steel. It comes in different widths. It is used to scrape out the excess plastering material. 

All the tools that are mentioned here come in different materials, sizes, and they have their manuals that guide you on how to use them properly. It is essential to learn how to use them, and what materials are they supposed to be used on, and how to maintain them for longer life.  All these tools are sharp and it is best to follow all the safety precautions mentioned by the manufacturer. It is also essential to clean the tools after every use to prevent plastering materials to accumulate on them as it will destroy their performance and sharpness eventually.  

Plastering Hand Tools


Now that you know about these tools you can buy them and undertake a plastering project. But before you buy them ensure to learn the usage safely. Always invest in a good brand and not a cheap product.

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