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Play Online KBC Game and Become Financially Independent

Background of KBC:

You may know that KBC or Kaun Banega Crorepati reality game show completed its two-decade so we would be studying the performance of this game show.

This show was first displayed on the Indian television channel Star plus on July-3-2000.  It was shown on TV every Monday to Thursday from 9 to 10. After watching this show, a lot of fans of this reality game show grew and this show becomes very popular in India. As the fans of this show grew so the show management developed a quiz model which was based on a question-answer session. If a person passes this quiz he was given a huge amount as a reward. The prize was so big that no one could even think of it at that time and this reward was 10 million Indian rupees at the start of this show, which later grew even more, in season 2 the prize become 20 million rupees and the top prize of this show is 70 million mean 7 crore Indian rupees. Those participants who won the amount are here KBC Winner List.

KBC game show is on the United Kingdom game show style “Who wants to be a millionaire”. With this method, they introduced the KBC show in India, which is going to be a great success till today. KBC has two big secrets of being famous.

·         No one else is running this reality game show but India’s leading and senior Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan.

·         As you know that this game gives a huge price to their customers that’s why a lot of people want to play this life-changing game.

Amitabh presented almost all seasons of this game except season 3, due to his health problem season 3 was presented by another known Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan.


KBC helps the poor family:

People come from far away to play this reality game show in this most people belong to poor families. It is their effort to win these prizes and change their lifestyles, so if they are lucky and pass the quiz, they get a reward because there is no bribe in this reality game show. You can check KBC Winner List most of these winners belong to poor families.

There are two winners in the history of KBC both are brothers called Narula brothers, they won the highest amount price of 7 crore rupees. Which proved to be very useful for them because their mother was a cancer patient. They treated their mother with this money and also saved their house which they had to sell for their mother’s treatment. You can guess how much this game show helped the Narula family.


How to win crores rupees:

You have to get to the hot seat to win more money in the KBC reality game show, how do you get to this seat? First, you note that due to the bad condition of Covid 19 in India now this will be an Online KBC Game.

To get a hot seat you need to follow these procedures.

o   First, you will register yourself through smartphones online, in this step, they also ask you some questions you need to correct. When you correct these questions then you will be transferred to step 2.

o   In this step, they will call you and again ask you some questions also about yourself you need to correct these questions also. When you cross it too then the next step is step 3.

o   This is the step in which KBC management asks you some general knowledge questions and this step is known as an online audition. When you are successful in this stage the only last step required to get the hot seat.

o   This step is all about yourself that’s why it is called a personal interview. In this last step, they will ask you some personal questions regarding you, you need to mentally ready for that.

Those people who appear in these steps then they will be select by merit base. The person whose name comes to merit will be the candidate for the hot seat.


Who cannot play this game?

This game has its own rules you cannot play this game without accepting it. So let’s talk about it.

o   The first principle of this game is that it cannot play at a young age. If you are under 18, you are unable to play this reality game show. Only those who are 18 or older can participate in this show.

o   You cannot play this game if you are not Indian, only those people are allowed in this game show who is the citizen of Indian.

o   Your health also a good role in this show, so you need good health in order to participate in this reality game show.

One thing you need to save in your mind KBC does not require any degree or certificate.



You can see that how the KBC game show is the best option for you if you want to make more money. There are more people who won a huge amount in this game show you can see the list


KBC Winner List.

If you really want to play this reality game show so now its procedure is even easier you can participate from your home through Online KBC Game.

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