How to Play Star Citizen Game

Star Citizen is a most beautiful game which is hugely popular.  It is online multiplayer game that includes space combat as well as first person shooting. Star Citizen Game getting too much fame in gamers. This game is available for only windows and linux users at this time.

How to play Star Citizen

Many People face problems when they start playing start citizen game and it is not a big deal. This game is really huge and there are many modules, mostly new gamers are not familiar with it.

To play this game you have to create an account on RSI (


How to Register

The Registration process is very simple. But keep two things in your mind. The handle is your technical id and moniker is your community name. First of all, you have to create an account on their website, the registration process is very simple. Follow these steps to create an account on star citizen website.

  • Enter your email and Fill the whole form correctly
  • Open your given email account
  • Your confirmation email will be there open it and confirm it is you who created account
  • Now it is all done

To Get free credits for the game, make sure you use a referral code to win credit. You can earn free credit while creating a new account. Put Referral code to their enlist page. Get your referral code from

Put your referral link in your newly created account and win 5000 UEC in game.

Select Game Package

After Registration, you have to select your game package to play. Different packages are available with different price tags and requirements. If you do not familiar with packs, Just purchase only that is most affordable, you can upgrade package later. Make sure which package you choose it contains access to Arena Commander and Digital Download.

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Download it

Once you create an account and select Game package, you have to go for a download game. First of all download its launcher, it will help to download the full game. Download it from their website. Download link is

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