Playing Is a Big Part of Learning and Development


Developing Learning Skills

Playtime is an important time in a young child's life. It helps them to develop learning skills, emotional, reasoning, social, and motor skills. Too often play time is seen as just a time of play for children and the bigger picture is lost. Playing gives the child critical thinking time and allows the child to explore, problem solve and be creative. When playing with their peers, children learn to use and practice their skills. A Good website to use of ideas is

Teachers need to follow curriculums which tends to leave playtime to kids just being out in the schoolyard or gym. This leaves playing out of the daily learning program. When learning and play are combined, children begin to use their verbal reasoning, social and emotional skills, and they developmentally and emotionally. All these different skills are essential for the development of healthy children and their welfare.


Using a Few Items for Imagination and Development


Teachers and parents do not need expensive items for play time. Just a few simple items can help children use their imagination to grow and develop. Figurines along with some shoe boxes, newspaper and other common items like clay, water, sand, colorful leaves or sticks, can give a child an abundance of ideas. Children use their imagination and build a play scene that they will enjoy.


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Activity Time That Is Unstructured

Children’s minds develop when they can choose what items they want to play with and who they want to play within their free time. Giving children time to pick what toy they want and go to their own area to play will help to develop their self-esteem, public speaking and communication skills. This type of play therapy teaches children to think for themselves and build relationships with others. They learn to share and get along in a group setting by playing with each other at the same game.


Children Learn to Share and Compromise

Combining a school lesson into play time is not hard. Play therapy can be giving the children instruction to build something and they can use any of the materials in the room. When a child picks his or her own materials and shares items with other children, they are using their compromising and sharing skills. They are also learning their communication skills and using their thinking power. Learning and play are both crucial elements of a child's successful development.


Once their project is done, each child will have a chance to show the rest of the class what they have accomplished. This then gives the child a chance to use their communication skills.

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